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Report on Paladino's Ties to Charter Schools

The Buffalo News - October 22, 2014, by Sandra Tan - As noted in today's story,...

10/22/2014 | Holding Charter Schools Accountable

EXCLUSIVE: City Offices Fail to Meet Law Requiring Them to Help New Yorkers Register to Vote

New York Daily News - October 21, 2014, by Erin Durkin - City agencies are failing to do their part to make voter registration easier — even though they’re required to by law.


10/21/2014 | Strengthening Voting Rights and Democracy

A Broken Promise: Agency-Based Voter Registration in New York City

Executive Summary

Voter registration is the number one barrier to the vote. An estimated 51 million eligible citizens, more than 24 percent of the electorate, could not cast a ballot on...

10/21/2014 | Strengthening Voting Rights and Democracy

Report: City Agencies Noncompliant with Voter Registration Law



Alison R. Park (917) 805-0830, apark@...

10/21/2014 | Strengthening Voting Rights and Democracy

Charters Lack Sufficient Oversight

Philly.com - October 15, 2014, by Kia Hinton - Recently, charter schools have made headlines nationwide. This summer, the FBI raided...

10/15/2014 | Holding Charter Schools Accountable, Promoting Strong Public Schools

Fed Up with the Economy?

The Good Fight - October 15 2014, by Ben Wikler - Why haven't wages risen in 40 years? It's not just bad luck. The mostly invisible, ultra-powerful folks who run at the Federal Reserve have gone...

10/15/2014 | Building a National Campaign for a Strong Economy: Fed Up

One More Day of Protests Planned in St. Louis Area

New York Times - October 13, 2014, by Minica Davey and Alan Blinder - After demonstrations that varied from choreographed marches to tense late-night encounters with law enforcement agents,...

10/13/2014 | Combating Discriminatory Policing

De Blasio’s Executive Order Increases, Expands Living Wage

Amsterdam News - October 9, 2014, by Stephon Johnson - Last week, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio signed an executive order to increase and expand the living wage to benefit more New Yorkers....

10/9/2014 | Raising the Minimum Wage

Bill de Blasio: From Education to Poverty, Leadership by Example

Huffington Post - October 9, 2014, by Richard Eskow - Progressives who are elected to executive office have a unique opportunity to highlight neglected issues and stimulate much-needed debate, by...

10/9/2014 | Holding Charter Schools Accountable, Promoting Strong Public Schools

What the Overworked and Underemployed Have in Common

Huffington Post - October 7, 2014, by Robin Hardman - One morning last week I joined a small gathering in a conference room at New York City's Baruch College to listen to a line-up of speakers and...

10/7/2014 | Building a National Campaign for a Strong Economy: Fed Up, Restoring a Fair Workweek


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LIVE NOW: A Just Recovery For Puerto Rico: Cancel the Debt Campaign 2019 is a critical period during which key negotiations about Puerto …

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RT @OksanaMironov: I reviewed @policylink, @popdemoc & @ourcity's great rent control report in @Shelterforce - https://t.co/9lVNYEGbwW

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