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Pirate Equity

How Wall Street Firms are Pillaging American Retail

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Unchecked Corporate Power:

Forced arbitration, the enforcement crisis, and how workers are fighting back

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The Center for Popular Democracy works to create equity, opportunity and a dynamic democracy in partnership with high-impact base-building organizations, organizing alliances, and progressive unions. CPD strengthens our collective capacity to envision and win an innovative pro-worker, pro-immigrant, racial and economic justice agenda. More ›

Our Impact

“Not only are we pressuring our elected officials to support Medicare for All as the only proposal that takes...
August 15, 2019
If there is one event that encapsulates what the Center for Popular Democracy Network is, it’s the People’s Convention...
August 1, 2019
Launched less than two years ago, Make the Road Nevada (MRNV) has already made a big impact. MRNV has worked hard to...
August 1, 2019
After years of Make the Road NJ’s organizing, the New Jersey State legislature passed landmark anti-wage theft...
August 1, 2019
This month, CPD released Pirate Equity: How Wall Street Firms are Pillaging American Retail, a report that details how...
August 1, 2019
Over the months of June and July, CPD and our affiliates have responded to the Trump administration’s deportation...
August 1, 2019

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"I grew up in Atlanta. I graduated from high school in this city. Through my job, I've been taking care of people in this city. And now my …

3 hours ago

The editorial board of the ⁦@washingtonpost⁩ is wrong. We will not accept the good vs. bad immigrant narrative. All… https://t.co/sDUal6hff6

1 hour ago

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