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Progressives Do Not Take The Fed Seriously. Meet The People Trying To Change That

Progressive activists have no shortage of ambitious economic policy goals. They include the $15 minimum wage, Social Security expansion, Medicare for all and debt-free college -- to name just a...

06/4/2015 | Building a National Campaign for a Strong Economy: Fed Up

After A Wave Of Bad Press, This Controversial Software Company Is Making Changes

In April, the New York attorney general’s office launched an investigation...

06/2/2015 | Improving Job Quality

Hour by Hour: Women in Today’s Workweek

Nationwide, more than 38 million women work in hourly jobs. Most women, and most Americans, are paid by the hour, yet today’s workweek is changing—the 40 hour workweek and the 8-hour day are no...

05/18/2015 | Restoring a Fair Workweek

Many Women Are Hidden From Unemployment Numbers, Study Says

Buzzfeed - 05.21.2015 - Randa Jama, a wheelchair...

05/18/2015 | Restoring a Fair Workweek

System Failure: Louisiana's Broken Charter School Law

Executive Summary

In the ten years since Hurricane Katrina, post-storm changes to the state’s charter school law have dramatically grown the number of charter schools in...

05/12/2015 | Holding Charter Schools Accountable, Promoting Strong Public Schools

Report: Women unduly harmed by unpredictable scheduling

Al Jazeera - 05-12-2015 - Irregular hours and just-in-time scheduling are pervasive throughout the low-wage economy, but they do...

05/12/2015 | Restoring a Fair Workweek

By The People: Promoting Democratic Participation Through Comprehensive Voter Registration

America suffers from disturbingly low voter registration and turnout rates. Almost 50 million eligible people were not even registered to vote in the 2012 election, and another 12 million had...

05/8/2015 | Strengthening Voting Rights and Democracy

The next labor fight is over when you work, not how much you make

Washington Post - 05-08-2015  -  If there’s one labor issue that’s come to the forefront of political agendas over the past few years, it’s the minimum wage: Cities and states around the country...

05/8/2015 | Restoring a Fair Workweek

Report slams Louisiana charter school oversight

The Times-Picayune - 05-08-2015 - Louisiana understaffs its charter schools oversight offices and, instead of proactively investigating...

05/8/2015 | Holding Charter Schools Accountable

Good jobs for everyone

The Hill - 05-06-2015  -  The strain from Modesta...

05/6/2015 | Improving Job Quality


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