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Fast-food Labor Expands Scope of Fight for $15

Chicago Tribune - March 31, 2015, by Alejandra Cancino - The group huddled in front of a...

04/2/2015 | Raising the Minimum Wage

Fatal Construction Accident Shows Higher Risks Faced by Latino Workers

Truthout - March 31. 2015, by Danica Jorden - Monday morning, March 23, 2015, in Raleigh, North Carolina, was a mild and slightly overcast day. The first signs of spring were beginning to emerge...

03/31/2015 | Improving Job Quality

Fast-Food Labor Organizers Plan Actions for April 15

ABC News - March 31, 2015, Candice Choi - Fast-food labor organizers say they're expanding the scope of their campaign for $15 an hour and unionization, this time with a day of actions including...

03/31/2015 | Improving Job Quality, Raising the Minimum Wage

‘Fight for $ 15′: fast food employees prepare mobilizations throughout the country

Inside the World - Associated Press

  • Kendall Fells, organizational director of the campaign “Fight for $ 15,” said the protests will be April 15.
  • The...

03/31/2015 | Raising the Minimum Wage

Post Navigation Report Finds Lack of Proper Fraud Oversight at Charters in State

LA School Report - March 24, 2015, by Craig Clough - California is extremely vulnerable to fraud at charter schools and as a result can expect to lose $100 million in wasted tax money in 2015, a...

03/24/2015 | Holding Charter Schools Accountable, Promoting Strong Public Schools

Report: Lax Oversight Leaves Charter Schools Vulnerable to Fraud

SF Gate - March 24, 2015, by Jill Tucker - California’s 1,100 charter schools are subject to insufficient financial oversight, lax practices that leave the door wide open to fraud, mismanagement...

03/24/2015 | Holding Charter Schools Accountable, Promoting Strong Public Schools

California Charter Schools Vulnerable to Fraud, Report Says

The Washington Post - March 24, 2015, by Emma Brown - Journalists, auditors and other investigators have turned up more than $80 million in charter school fraud in California to date, according to...

03/24/2015 | Holding Charter Schools Accountable, Promoting Strong Public Schools

Report Calling for More Oversight to Prevent Charter School Fraud Draws Rebuke

LA Times - March 23, 2015, by Zahira Torres - California lawmakers must strengthen financial oversight of charter schools to stem cases of fraud and mismanagement that have already cost taxpayers...

03/23/2015 | Holding Charter Schools Accountable, Promoting Strong Public Schools

CPD's Connie Razza Joins MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry to Discuss the Strength of the Dollar

Melissa Harris-Perry - March 22, 2015 - How does the strength or weakness of the dollar affect average Americans? Joshua Steiner and CPD's Director of Strategic Research Connie Razza join to...

03/22/2015 | Building a National Campaign for a Strong Economy: Fed Up

Risking Public Money: California Charter School Fraud

Executive Summary

In 1992, California became the second state in the nation to pass legislation authorizing the creation of charter schools. Since the law’s passage, which originally...

03/19/2015 | Holding Charter Schools Accountable


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