Policy Experts

Ana Maria Archila
Co-Executive Director
Politics, Immigrant Rights, Puerto Rico



Jennifer Epps-Addison
Network President & Co-Executive Director
Racial Justice, Black-led Organizations, CPD Network



Andrew Friedman
Co-Executive Director
Politics, Economic Justice Policy, Immigrants’ Rights, Policy and Organizing, Community Organizing, Organizational Capacity Building



Brian Kettenring
Co-Executive Director
Wall Street Accountability, Community Organizing, Campaign Strategy, Economic Justice, Housing, Voting Rights, Climate Justic



Oona Chatterjee
Director of Organizing & Capacity Building
Organizational Capacity Building



Steve Kest
Senior Advisor
Canvass Operations, Fight Back, Community Organizing



Lilah Pomerance
Director of Federal and State Initiatives
State Power Project



JoEllen Chernow
Director of Special Projects
Minimum Wage & Paid Sick Days



Tracey Corder
Director of Racial Justice Campaigns
Racial Justice, Civic Engagement



Rachel Deutsch
Supervising Attorney for Worker Justice
Economic Justice, Fair Workweek Initiative, Worker Justice



Dianne Enriquez
Co-Director of Community Dignity Campaigns
Education, Housing, Health and Climate Issues, Immigrant Rights



Jennifer Flynn Walker
Director of Mobilization & Advocacy
Fight Back



Emma Greenman
Director of Voting Rights & Democracy
Voting Rights, Money in Politics, Civic Engagement



Colin Hicks
Director of 2018 Political Operations
Politics, Civic Engagement



Dmitri Holtzman
Director of Education Justice Campaigns
Education Justice



Sarah Johnson
Executive Director of Local Progress
Local Progress



Julio Lopez
Co-Director of Community Dignity Campaigns
Immigrants Rights, Puerto Rico Diaspora Organizing