Hold Wall Street CEOs Accountable

Since they gutted our economy in 2008, Wall Street bankers have been given trillions in bailouts, preferential lending rates, and subsidies while giving themselves billions in bonuses. This won't stop unless we fight back and demand accountability and an economy that works for all of us. Stand with struggling families and the Center for Popular Democracy in this fight.



Fix Our Broken Immigration System

Deportations will continue to destroy immigrant communities and families unless Congress and the White House act to create a pathway to citizenship for all. We were promised a comprehensive immigration reform bill by now, but Congressional leaders have yet to produce legislation. Over 11 million aspiring Americans deserve to see a comprehensive bill that creates a clear and fair path to citizenship for all. The time is now to fix the country’s broken immigration system once and for all.



Stand By America's Low-Wage Workers

Despite prodigious gains in productivity, workers are earning less and are increasingly insecure. In 2012 the top 1 percent of U.S. households received 19.3 percent of all household income. Across the country, workers are standing up and demanding their fair share of the American Dream. Stand with low-wage workers in their fight for a $15 minimum wage.