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Americans Don’t Miss Manufacturing — They Miss Unions

Americans Don’t Miss Manufacturing — They Miss Unions

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This is In Real Terms, a column analyzing the week in economic news. Comments? Criticisms? Ideas for future columns? Email me or drop a...

FiveThirtyEight | Building a National Campaign for a Strong Economy: Fed Up

Fed Up group plans counter Jackson Hole conference

The Fed Up coalition, made up of community activist groups, has rented a conference room in the same hotel where the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank will be holding its annual Jackson Hole...

Building a National Campaign for a Strong Economy: Fed Up

Watch protesters descend on 5-star resort where GOP plots against American workers

Scores of protesters, gathered for a march organized by the Center for Popular Democracy Action in partnership with Tax March, converged on West Virginia Thursday from ten different states.


Shareblue Media | Civic Engagement

Center for Popular Democracy Applauds President Obama’s Call for Automatic Voter Registration


Statement & Booking Opportunity: This week, President Obama called on Illinois and states across the country to reduce the barriers...

Fighting for an Inclusive Democracy

Today we CAN do something to honor Heather Heyer. We can stand up against the hate that killed her.

We can honor Heather in the same way she stood up for justice and equality.  We can rise up against the hate that took her life and that targets even more of our fellow Americans. There are events...

Daily Kos | Justice Transformation


this just in...


Nearly 70% of immigrants in detention are unrepresented in immigration courts—even during a time where access to publicly funded …

2 months ago

Getting counted in the census, voting in elections, & marching against injustices are the first steps to building p… https://t.co/0HP7CeFatb

16 hours ago