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Center For Popular Democracy Celebrates SB4 Injunction

“It is a testament to the extraordinary work of immigrant organizers across Texas,” says national network of community organizing groups


NEW YORK -- In response to a ruling from a San Antonio federal judge blocking most parts of Senate Bill 4, a Texas law targeting immigrant communities, Ana Maria Archila, Co-Executive Director of the Center for Popular Democracy (CPD), issued the following statement:

"In the middle of a week of hardship for Texas, today's ruling is a beacon of light. It is yet more proof that Senate Bill 4 violates our most fundamental Constitutional values, and that it should never have been passed to begin with.

And, above all, it is a testament to the extraordinary work of immigrant organizers across Texas, who led an unprecedented opposition that moved cities across Texas to rise up against SB 4 and led directly to the decision we saw today.

The fight is not yet over, and it will not be until Texas not only repeals SB 4, but passes new laws to create true equity for immigrant communities in the state. But the work of organizers gives us faith that this despicable law will go down in defeat, and that Texas will be a stronger state when it does."

The Center for Popular Democracy, a national network of community organizing groups, has two state affiliates in Texas, the Texas Organizing Project and the Workers Defense Project, who helped lead the fight against Senate Bill 4. CPD provided critical logistical and organizing support for both groups and through its network of municipal elected officials, Local Progress, whose members in Texas were instrumental in pushing City Councils to launch legal challenges against SB4.

Michelle Tremillo, Executive Director of the Texas Organizing Project Education Fund, also issued a statement:

“We are so grateful to have courts who protect our rights and freedoms, and keep overzealous legislators in check. SB4 would have encouraged and legalized racial profiling of Latinos and other communities of color.

This decision today feels like a ray of sunshine, and Texans, especially undocumented Texans, deserve a reprieve in what has been a steady assault of their families.

We recognize this is just the first step in what we expect to be a protracted legal battle. Today, we will take a deep sigh of relief, and tomorrow we will keep fighting to stop SB4 in the courts and win proactive solutions that protect the freedom and dignity of undocumented families and all people of color.”

Jose P. Garza, Executive Director of the Workers Defense Project, also issued a statement:

“Today, Texas families won the first of many battles against Gov. Abbott and his racist agenda. Texas families are fighting for the Texas that we can be. We will continue to fight back in court, in the streets, and in our communities.”



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