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Center for Popular Democracy Applauds Expansion Of NYC Sanctuary Policy

"The New York City Council took a bold step to protect New Yorkers from an abusive federal government," says national community organizing network


NEW YORK - In response to news that the New York City Council passed a significant expansion of its sanctuary policy today, the Center for Popular Democracy issued the following statement from Co-Executive Director Ana Maria Archila:

"Today the New York City Council took a bold step to protect New Yorkers from an abusive federal government and ensure that immigrants have the freedom to stay in the place they call home. It builds on New York City's already-strong sanctuary policies and draws bright, clear lines that limit any cooperation with ICE. Families should not have to live in fear of deportation when they use needed public services.

It is one more example of immigrant advocates standing together, and the steps cities can take to protect immigrant communities from Trump's deportation machine. We are proud to have brought lawmakers together earlier this year to find ways to take the concept of sanctuary even further. When forward-thinking elected officials come together and share lessons, it is easy to trace an arc to the brave policies we see in New York City today and in other cities tomorrow. We hope other cities around the country will draw inspiration from New York City's move and extend policies to welcome and protect immigrants."

In March, Local Progress, an initiative of the Center for Popular Democracy bringing together municipal elected officials from around the country, held the first-ever conference on what lawmakers could do to expand their sanctuary policies, including measures like those passed in New York City today.


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