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Medicare for All Takes Center Stage During the August Congressional Recess

The end of July marked the beginning of a crucial time for the Medicare for All movement: the start of Congress’ August Recess. From July 29 to September 8, Congress will be home in their districts, holding community events, attending BBQs and parades, and more.

It’s also the time when healthcare fighters can directly meet them face-to-face and demand a health care system that respects the inherent dignity and value of all of us. Volunteers across the country are kicking off a month of action to capitalize on this opportunity.

People's Assembly in Brooklyn

On August 8th, CPD worked with National Nurses United, DSA, Our Revolution and others - with support from New York Communities for Change and Make the Road NY - to host People’s Assemblies in Brooklyn, New York and Long Branch, New Jersey. The NJ event was organized by Our Revolution Monmouth and co-sponsored by the New Jersey Universal Healthcare Coalition. 

The groups brought out over 150 people, who shared their stories and worked collectively to develop a plan to win more Congressional support for Medicare for All while they are home for the recess.

“Not only are we pressuring our elected officials to support Medicare for All as the only proposal that takes profiteering out of the healthcare system, but we’re raising this as a racial justice issue! Over half the people who are without insurance are Black and Brown people between the ages of 26-64. Having a plan that would include them is something that we tremendously need.” said Darius Gordon, CPD National Field Organizer, who facilitated the Brooklyn assembly that targeted Rep. Hakeem Jeffries. At the assembly, participants coordinated direct phone calls and a Twitter storm at Jeffries calling for him to sign on as Medicare for All cosponsor. 

People's Assembly in New Jersey

The events are part of a national series of People’s Assemblies on Medicare for All, with hundreds of similar gatherings happening across the country for the next few weeks.

“Medicare for All has a groundswell of support but there’s a lot of work to do to move these elected officials who still have not cosponsored yet. These People’s Assemblies display how we come together in solidarity and fight to make healthcare a right of all people!” said Julia Peter, CPD Director of Innovations Management. 

Interested in joining a M4A People’s Assembly near you? Find one on the map today and RSVP! And help spread the word and invite others to join!

Together, we can win!



For press inquiries about this event or upcoming Medicare for All work, please contact Trisa Taro (ttaro@populardemocracy.org).