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08/31/2018 | Improving Job Quality

Women Workers Vow to Fight Back After Supreme Court Ruling

CPD Network President & Co-Executive Director, Jennifer Epps-Addison, was featured in the Women’s Media Center this month discussing the Supreme Court’s recent ruling on Janus.

In another blow to an already embattled labor movement, the Supreme Court ruled that public-sector unions can no longer use“fee share” systems that charge an agency fee to employees who decide not to join a union but are covered by its collective bargaining agreement.

The impact of the ruling will fall particularly hard on women, especially women of color, who make up a disproportionate share of public-sector union members and for whom such unions have been a lifeline. Despite being just over 7 percent of the overall population in the United States, Black women account for nearly one in every five public-sector workers and one in seven in the labor force at large, according to the Economic Policy Institute. In the feature, Epps-Addison highlights the voices of several women of color leaders within the CPD Network.

As Network President, Epps-Addison met with working women from all across the country during the past year. Throughout her travels, it’s become clear that the public sector has long been a vital employer for communities of color. Further, communities of color have utilized the collective power of unions to reduce the gender-based pay inequities that women workers routinely face. Women, especially women of color, have always been the doers—in the labor movement, in the civil rights movement, and in today’s movements for economic and racial justice. While the Janus ruling drastically undermines the voices of workers across the country, the CPD Network’s commitment and resolve will only grow stronger in the face of these attacks. Read the full feature here.