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Warehouse Workers United Strike at CA Walmart Supplier Factory, Demand Safety

Workers at an Olivet International warehouse in Mira Loma, CA, a key facility for Walmart’s luggage production, went on a two-day strike last week to protest against extreme intimidation, spying and retaliation, as well as exposure to unsafe working conditions. Among the workers’ concerns of dangerous working conditions were blocked fire exits, pitch black work spaces, frequent falling towers of boxes, and lack of access to water and sanitary bathrooms. Workers also raised compensation concerns during their strike--the majority of workers at the Olivet warehouse are paid less than $200 a week, denied full-time positions, and receive no health benefits.

In solidarity with the striking workers and directed by New Labor, the Center for Popular Democracy and the Center for Third World Organizing hand-delivered a letter urging Olivet International to respond to workers’ concerns of unsafe working conditions, extremely low wages and intimidation at their Mira Loma warehouse. The letter demanded Olivet stop illegally retaliating against workers and allow the strikers to return to work.

On Friday morning, WWU reported that every striker successfully returned to work. Workers won national attention, international support and spoke directly to Walmart about retaliation and unsafe working conditions. We congratulate the striking workers and their families for bravely walking out of the job and demanding fair workplace conditions.