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Rebuilding a Better New York

While Superstorm Sandy ravaged communities regardless of race or class, the storm exacerbated already stark inequality in New York.  With thousands still without electricity, widespread mold infestations threatening the health of people in immigrant communities, and long lines for food across low-income communities, Sandy has had a particularly brutal impact on those with the least means to cope. 

In the weeks following Sandy, CPD helped to bring together over 60 community organizations, labor unions, and faith groups that recognized the need for a more progressive recovery agenda to ensure the failings of the Gulf Coast and 9/11 recoveries were not repeated.

The Alliance for a Just Rebuilding (AJR) was formed to address both immediate relief and long-term rebuilding issues. CPD is proud to be playing a central coordinating role in the alliance.

In the coming months the Alliance will work to ensure that state rebuilding efforts focus on building sustainable infrastructure, protecting workers’ rights and addressing economic inequity and unemployment.