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NY Council Passes Landmark Police Accountability Act

Early this morning the New York City Council passed two bills designed to guarantee safety and respect for all New Yorkers. The End Discriminatory NYPD Profiling Act and the Independent NYPD Oversight Act both passed with veto-proof majorities, strengthening the existing ban on profiling by the police and establishing independent oversight of the City’s Police Department.


The passage of these bills reflects a growing alarm over NYPD policies and practices that violate the rights of thousands of New Yorkers and undermine police-community relationships. Practices such as the discriminatory use of stop and frisk use tactics that threaten safety and erode quality of life for countless African-American, Latino, Muslim, immigrant, homeless and LGBTQ and other New Yorkers, while wasting valuable public dollars. CPD provided critical legal and strategic support to Communities United for Police Reform (CPR), the dynamic citywide coalition advocating for the bills.

“Today, we are striking a blow against a practice which has become a perverse right of passage for all young men of color in the City of New York,” said Councilwoman Letitia James (D-Brooklyn).

In passing these bills, the New York City Council ensures historic policy changes that demand safety, dignity, and respect for ALL New Yorkers. We commend the City Council for putting community safety first.