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07/24/2020 | Fighting for an Inclusive Democracy, Local Progress: A National Network of Progressive Local Elected Officials

Local Progress: New Toolkit to Expand Voting Rights

Experts predicted the 2020 general election would shatter voter turnout records. Now, with COVID-19, it’s clear the U.S. electoral system is not prepared to support achieving that goal unless we make it easier and safer to vote. In response to this pressing need, CPD and Local Progress are equipping local elected officials and advocates with the knowledge they need to expand and safeguard voting rights in their jurisdictions. 

Our new toolkit, Protecting Elections from the Ground Up: How Local Elected Leaders Can Make it Easier and Safer to Vote During COVID-19, highlights the power that local jurisdictions in expanding voting, especially for underrepresented groups. From expanding voter registration online, offering vote from home options, and incentivizing public employees and students to serve as poll workers on election day, there’s a whole lot our local representatives can do to make it easier and safer for everyone to vote. 

While many people think of voting rights and election administration as an issue for federal, state and judicial actors, local officials are closest to the actual administration of elections, and in some cities, counties, and school districts wield significant powers when it comes to election policy decisions. The toolkit highlights proven ways that local elected officials have used their power to successfully make voting more accessible in several cities

Essential to our vision of building a more dynamic and vibrant democracy, is making sure that all voters can cast their ballots safely. This is why we’ve shared these practical insights with local decision-makers and advocates who hold the power to help get us there. Click here to download and read the toolkit.