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10/31/2018 | Civic Engagement, Strengthening Voting Rights and Democracy

Help Us to Protect Voting Rights Next Week

American democracy is at a crossroads. More than a decade of attacks on voting rights and democratic participation have undermined the core principles of representative democracy and have eroded the political participation of everyday people. Moreover, tens of millions of eligible voters are excluded from our political process because of barriers to voter registration. We see this most prevalently today in Georgia where more than 340,000 voters were improperly purged without notice. To win on the issues that matter most—a just economy, a healthy planet, safe communities, racial equity and a fair justice system—we need to ensure that every eligible voter can fully participate in our democracy. Our democracy suffers when eligible voters are turned away from the polls, unable to find their polling place, or otherwise blocked from exercising their rights.

That is why it is critical that we mobilize thousands of Election Protection volunteers to ensure that every voter can cast a ballot that is counted. These trained, nonpartisan volunteers serve as voters’ first line of defense against confusing voting rules, outdated infrastructure, rampant misinformation, and voter suppression tactics. This year, we are mobilizing volunteers to serve in our communities and defend our democracy by asking people to sign up as an Election Protection volunteer. Are you a lawyer, paralegal, law student, or other legal professional? Sign up to volunteer for the Election Protection hotline.

As a nonpartisan volunteer poll monitor, you will assist voters on Election Day should they encounter any problems voting. You’ll receive training, get materials, meet other volunteers and our professional staff, and on Election Day help voters know their rights and how to find help.

Volunteers can commit to taking at least one Election Day shift to stand outside of assigned polling location after receiving training. You will distribute “Know Your Rights” cards to voters, answer basic questions from voters at the polls, and help voters resolve any problems that occur, with the support of trained legal professionals.

Our outdated voting laws have taken the deepest toll on communities of color and young people. Volunteers like you will be voters’ first line of defense against needless obstacles to the ballot box. If you are unable to volunteer in this capacity, we urge you to make a donation and support this essential work on the ground.