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Countering Hate With Dignity

This has been another terrifying year for our country. As we work to achieve our bold vision of a popular democracy that empowers courageous, sustained participation by us all, we must stand up to confront the hate emanating from our nation’s capitol and inciting division across the country.

The CPD Network exists to counter this hate by prioritizing winning real change. That’s why we need your help. Please give now to invest in the future of our democracy.

Your generosity wins change – from division to unity and from a brutal economy to one that gives everyone the freedom to thrive. I’m talking about change with a tangible impact on people’s lives, so everyone has opportunity for a solid education; decent housing; a living wage with a future; and genuine dignity and respect.

And yes, our ultimate goal is winning change that turns hate into love.

Please donate to the CPD Network now. Your gift helps build grassroots power that can fight back against racism, sexism, and greed.

Since 2014, the CPD Network has been confronting sustained hate against our communities by:

  • Mobilizing more than 500,000 people in hundreds of separate actions, around federal policies – defending healthcare, and countering family separation at the border and tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans;

  • Changing the national conversation with 2 million media impressions around our fight to preserve the integrity of the Supreme Court – which activated tens of millions of women across the country to demand respect for women and a responsive government;

  • Raising nearly $7 million for the Maria Fund for Puerto Rico, to provide immediate relief and long-term rebuilding;

And so much more.

It's clear, now, that a united and diverse movement with women and people of color in the lead, can beat the forces of greed and hate. Together, we can win quality healthcare for all, a clean environment, taxes that create equity, and a true, inclusive democracy.

What you do today, with your passion, your courage, and your generosity of spirit is breathing life into our democracy.  

In solidarity,
Ana Maria Archila
Co-Executive Director, CPD