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01/24/2018 | Racial Justice

Celebrating Community Power & Cultural Resistance

As the CPD Network continues to take a leading role in the national resistance movement, we partnered with a strong cohort of progressive organizations and artists for a nine-day celebration of community power and cultural resistance in Downtown Los Angeles. From January 13-21, INTO ACTION brought together hundreds of our nation’s most prolific and talented visual artists, young activists, musicians, poets, policymakers and community leaders to face the pain and beauty of the past year, while we plan and organize for the year to come.

CPD’s Racial Justice and Public Affairs teams played an integral role in bringing this event to life. CPD and our partners, including ACCE Action, Initiate Justice, BYP100 Bay Area, and Mobilize The Immigrant Vote produced panel discussions, provided a civil disobedience training, and sponsored the opening night’s headliner with CPD favorite, Sarah Jones. As Sarah performed for a packed house, her calls to defend DACA, fight gentrification, protect our environment and get involved with local politics echoed throughout the space.

On MLK Day, we curated a discussion on the Beauty of Civil Disobedience, followed by a practical training on bird dogging elected officials. This training helped to connect the dots in the local fight against a $3.1 Million LA Jail Expansion that INTO ACTION partner, Justice LA is leading. CPD also organized a panel on the State of Hate: A Discussion on Dismantling White Supremacy that focused on the 118-mile march from Charlottesville, VA to Washington, DC last year. Looking forward, we discussed how to address white supremacy in 2018 through policy changes and elections. Check out the livestream of this riveting panel discussion here!