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07/1/2019 | Immigrant Rights - Expanding Municipal ID Cards

The Case for Expanding Access to Driver’s Licenses

The Center for Popular Democracy and the National Immigration Law Center published the report "Safe Roads Across the Tri-State Area: The Case for Expanding Access to Driver’s Licenses in New York and New Jersey." As the report highlights, 12 states, plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, have passed laws that make driver’s licenses accessible to all eligible residents, regardless of immigration status. In states where driver’s licenses are available to all residents, clear and compelling evidence demonstrates these policies ensure safer roads, boost state revenues, provide more economic opportunities for working people, and help keep immigrant families together. The report garnered significant press coverage and was featured in the New York Daily News, NY1 Noticias, Univision, and Agencia EFE among outlets.

The report features data on the impact driver's license policies would have in New York and New Jersey, the states where advocates have been tirelessly pushing for these policies. The stories of several members of CPD affiliate Make the Road were highlighted throughout the piece. The report was launched in a press conference on May 29 where CPD Co-executive, Ana Maria Archila, and Senior Research Analyst, Maggie Corser, shared the findings, alongside member leaders from Make the Road New York and Make the Road New Jersey. 

On June 17, CPD affiliate Make the Road New York saw a huge victory when New York State passed a comprehensive driver's license policy, granting undocumented immigrants access to drivers license’s after this hard-fought battle.