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Building the Strength of Municipal Leaders

In November 2012, the Center for Popular Democracy helped to create Local Progress, a national municipal policy network for progressive elected officials from cities around the country. Local Progress now has over 300 members from around the country who are united by a shared commitment to a strong middle and working class, equal justice under law, sustainable and livable cities, and good government that serves the public interest effectively. Local Progress connects elected officials with one another, facilitates the sharing of best practices, and coordinates legislative campaigns across different cities.

This year CPD and Local Progress have held national briefing sessions that brought together over 200 elected officials, staffers, and advocates. In April, we discussed getting cities out of the immigrant deportation business. In May, Local Progress addressed finding municipal approaches to reducing mortgage principal in order to reduce foreclosures and inject money into local economies. In June, we responded to the Supreme Court’s Voting Rights Act decision with information about using local law to expand the franchise and register more voters. This month, we are pushing forward on the nation-wide campaign to guarantee paid sick days for all workers.

To learn more about Local Progress, please visit localprogress.org.