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Boehner Greeted with Un-Welcome Rally

Earlier this month, the Center for Popular Democracy helped organize Pennsylvania immigrants and allies to participate in an Un-welcome to PA Rally for Speaker John Boehner’s visit in protest of his refusal to bring a pathway to citizenship to a vote in the House. CPD bussed participants to Harrisburg’s City Island where Speaker Boehner attended a private fundraiser for Rep. Scott Perry’s reelection.

The rally brought together nearly 100 protesters who are frustrated with the House Republican leadership for refusing to bring S.744, which passed in the Senate through a bipartisan effort, to a vote. Demonstrators gathered from around the state, chanting, “¿Qué queremos? ¡Reforma! ¿Cuándo la queremos? ¡Ahora!” – “What do we want? Reform! When do we want it? Now!” and “Move Boehner, get out of the way. You’re not welcome in PA.”

CPD partnered with Pennsylvania Immigration and Citizenship Coalition, SEIU Healthcare PA, SEIU 32BJ, Fight for Philly, Keystone Progress, Organizing for Action, and Casa de la Cultura Adams County to protest Boehner’s obstruction of immigration reform.

In addition to helping organize immigration rallies during the August recess, CPD is meeting with moderate Republicans to discuss the need for comprehensive immigration reform and, recently, Pennsylvania Republican Congressman Charlie Dent stood up in support of a vote on comprehensive immigration reform after several conversations with advocates and organizers.

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