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Proposal Would Allow Immigrants in New York Illegally to Become Citizens

ABC 7 New York - June 16, 2014, by Dave Evans - It is a long shot, but a proposal by a New York State lawmaker would...

Woman who confronted Jeff Flake on elevator: We connected because he's a father, I'm a mother

The woman who confronted Republican Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona in an elevator Friday about his upcoming vote for...

CBS News | Civic Engagement
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Protesting health care repeal

Protesting health care repeal

Senate Republicans tried and failed three times to repeal the Affordable Care Act.  Many Americans who were against the...

Spectrum News - (TV) Capital Region | Civic Engagement

CPD's Connie Razza Joins Melissa Harris-Perry to Discuss the Federal Reserve

Melissa Harris-Perry - March 7, 2014 - The Center for Popular Democracy released a report on March 3, 2015 detailing...

New York dedicates millions of dollars to help immigrants fight deportations

New York will soon offer free legal services for poor immigrants facing deportations, thanks to a new budget provision...

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Instead Of Turning On Each Other, Immigrant And Domestic Workers Unite To Form New Organization

The Huffington Post - November 17, 2013, by Farah Mohamed & Ryam Grim - In times of economic weakness, the...

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School Closures: A Blunt Instrument

School Closures: A Blunt Instrument

In 2013, citing a $1.4 billion deficit, Philadelphia’s state-run school commission voted to close 23 schools—nearly 10...

The American Prospect | Organizing for Education Justice
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What does it mean to be an American?

What does it mean to be an American?

The climate in the U.S. hasn't changed much since that incident four years ago. Fulbright still fights for the same...

Activists to Protest at Regional Feds Ahead of Jobs Data

Wall Street Journal - March 3, 2015, by Pedro Nicolaci da Costa - A network of liberal activists is planning a series...

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Puerto Ricans call for protest in Washington

Puerto Ricans call for protest in Washington

“Convened by the Power4Puerto Rico coalition, refugees and civic and union groups have organized a day of protests -...

El Nuevo Dia | Civic Engagement


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Nearly 70% of immigrants in detention are unrepresented in immigration courts—even during a time where access to publicly funded …

6 months ago

Black, Latinx, & other workers of color remain on the frontlines in this pandemic. Millions have also been laid off… https://t.co/9sBMzhoRUD

2 days ago