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New Report Cites $100 Million-plus in Waste, Fraud in Charter School Industry

A new report by two groups that oppose reforms that are privatizing public education finds fraud and waste totaling...

05/6/2014 | Promoting Strong Public Schools

Report: Lack of oversight leads to fraud, abuse in charter school operations

Arkansas Times - May 6, 2014, by Max Brantley - Don't look for Bill Moyers to be getting any grants from the Walton...

05/6/2014 | Promoting Strong Public Schools

Charter Schools Gone Wild: Study Finds Widespread Fraud, Mismanagement and Waste

Bill Moyers - May 5, 2014, by Joshua Holland - Charter school operators want to have it both ways. When they’re...

05/5/2014 | Promoting Strong Public Schools

The United Cities of America: What Seattle's Minimum-Wage Deal Means

The Atlantic - May 2, 2014, by Eric Liu - On Wednesday, a Senate...

05/2/2014 | Local Progress: A National Network of Progressive Local Elected Officials

Should You Carry a Municipal ID Card?

OZY - April 29, 2014, by Pooja Bhatia - Comprehensive immigration reform is on again. No, it’s off again. No, it’s on...

04/29/2014 | Immigrant Rights - Expanding Municipal ID Cards

Its Integrity Questioned, SUNY Institute Retreats From Politically Tinged Study

The Chronicle of Higher Education - April 28, 2014, by Paul Basken - The State University of New York’s Nelson A....

04/29/2014 | Improving Job Quality

Capital Pressroom - April 24, 2014: Scaffold Law

WCNY - April 24, 2014, by Alyssa Plock - AUDIO CLIP. We discuss the...

04/24/2014 | Improving Job Quality

Groups demand 'responsible' contractors at Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Daily Eagle - April 23, 2014, by Mary Frost - City officials and workers' advocates kicked off three weeks of...

04/23/2014 | Improving Job Quality

Developing Progress: Ensuring that public resources contribute to New York’s equity, resilience, and dynamic democracy

Progressive development policies that ensure consideration of economic, social, and environmental impacts will grow a...

04/22/2014 | Improving Job Quality

Scaffold Law Debate Heats Up Over Dueling Reports on Safety and Costs

Legislative Gazetter - April 21, 2014, by Matthew Dondiego - A new report released last Thursday by a pro-labor, pro-...

04/21/2014 | Improving Job Quality


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In 2018, voters in #OH, #CO, #MI, #UT and #MO created independent redistricting commissions to fight #gerrymandering, because elections …

34 minutes ago

An activist and plaintiff in upcoming #gerrymandering case before #SCOTUS: "As a voting rights activist, I spend a… https://t.co/4tv7WLyulf

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