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Report: Millions of Dollars in Fraud, Waste Found in Charter School Sector

The Washington Post - April 28, 2015, by Valerie Strauss - A new report released on Tuesday details fraud and waste...

04/28/2015 | Holding Charter Schools Accountable, Promoting Strong Public Schools

Lawmakers Call for “Fair Work Week” for Workers with Changing Schedules

WTNH News 8 - April 27, 2015, by Kent Pierce - Once you hit adulthood, life becomes a balance between your personal...

04/27/2015 | Restoring a Fair Workweek

On-call Shifts String Retail Workers Along

The Boston Globe - April 19, 2015, by Dante Ramos - Because life-threatening crises arise at odd times, people in some...

04/20/2015 | Restoring a Fair Workweek

Legal Experts Pan US for Disappointing Human Rights Record

MSNBC - April 17, 2015, by Willa Frej -The United States has a record of human rights abuses despite its position as a...

04/17/2015 | Combating Discriminatory Policing

Rigorous Review of Nashville Charter Schools Needed

The Tennessean - April 14, 2015, by Stephen Henry & Erick Hutch - Teachers are joining parents and local community...

04/16/2015 | Holding Charter Schools Accountable, Promoting Strong Public Schools

Time for a Moratorium on Charter Schools

Al Jazeera America - April 14, 2015, by Amy Dean - Charter schools are everywhere. Not long ago, these publicly funded...

04/14/2015 | Holding Charter Schools Accountable, Promoting Strong Public Schools

Practices of 13 Retailers Questioned by New York Lawyers

The Market Business - April 14, 2015, by Rachel M - The lawyer at New York has initiated inquiry against 13 retailers,...

04/14/2015 | Restoring a Fair Workweek

New York Questions Big Retailers Over 'On-Call' Staffing

Reuters - April 13, 2015 - New York's attorney general has sent letters to 13 national retailers, including Gap Inc,...

04/13/2015 | Restoring a Fair Workweek

13 Retailers Questioned By N.Y. Attorney General About Worker Scheduling

LA Times - April 13, 2015, by Samantha Masunaga - he scheduling practices of 13 retailers, including Gap Inc., Target...

04/13/2015 | Restoring a Fair Workweek

Poll Finds Voters Rank Lack Of Parental Involvement, Over-Testing As Top Education Problems

iSchoolGuide - April 8, 2015, by Sara Guaglione - According to...

04/9/2015 | Holding Charter Schools Accountable, Promoting Strong Public Schools


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