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What the Campaign’s Focus on Inequality Means for New York

City Limits – September 4, 2013, by Gail Robinson -

On July 21, five candidates for mayor of New York left their usual beds to spend the night in a public housing project in...

09/3/2013 | Combating Discriminatory Policing, Local Progress: A National Network of Progressive Local Elected Officials , Ensuring Paid Sick Time for All Workers, Improving Job Quality, Restoring Community Wealth

Another Police Department Says ‘No’ To ICE’s Detainer Requests

Mint Press News – August 27, 2013, by Katie Rucke -

Newark, N.J.’s refusal to detain undocumented immigrants for minor offenses could serve as an olive branch to the...

08/27/2013 | Combating Family Separation & Deportation, Creating Deportation Defense, Building an Immigrant Justice Initiative

Community Safety Act Passes; NYC Council Overrides Bloomberg Vetoes On NYPD Oversight Bills

The Huffington Post - August 22, 2013 -  The New York City Council voted Thursday to override Mayor Michael Bloomberg's vetoes of two bills aimed at reining in the New York City Police Department'...

08/22/2013 | Combating Discriminatory Policing

Group calls on Charlie Dent to pass immigration reform

WFMZ-TV – August 20, 2013, by Will Lewis -

ALLENTOWN, Pa. – A group rallying for immigration reform is taking its message to Lehigh Valley Congressman Charlie Dent and other Republicans....

08/20/2013 | Combating Family Separation & Deportation, Building an Immigrant Justice Initiative

Newark Police first in N.J. to refuse to detain undocumented immigrants accused of minor crimes

The Star-Ledger – August 15, 2013, by James Queally -

The Newark Police Department has become the first law enforcement agency in New Jersey to refuse the federal government’s requests to...

08/15/2013 | Combating Discriminatory Policing, Combating Family Separation & Deportation

California Eminent Domain Isn't Government Run Amok

To judge from the disparaging reaction to its plan to use eminent domain to cope with underwater homes, you'd think the city leaders of Richmond, California, had proposed an outrageous and...

08/13/2013 | Advocating for Housing Justice, Holding Wall Street Accountable, Restoring Community Wealth

As Critics United, Stalled Battle Against Frisking Tactic Took Off

The New York Times - August 13, 2013, by J. David Goodman - As the Police Department performed a mounting number of stops on New York streets, voices of opposition, slow and scattershot,...

08/13/2013 | Combating Discriminatory Policing

Racial Discrimination in Stop-and-Frisk

The New York Times - August 12, 2013, Editorial - Judge Shira Scheindlin of Federal District Court in New York upheld the bedrock principle of individual liberty on Monday when she ruled that...

08/12/2013 | Combating Discriminatory Policing

The Workers Defense Project, a Union in Spirit

The New York Times - August 10, 2013, by Steven Greenhouse - Like most construction workers who come to see Patricia Zavala, the two dozen men who crowded into her office in Austin, Tex.,...

08/10/2013 | Improving Job Quality

Report: Language access isn’t great

Capitol Confidential – August 7, 2013, by Jimmy Vielkind - Several immigrant advocacy groups released a report this week saying it’s still difficult to get access to government services in...

08/7/2013 | Expanding Opportunity in Suffolk County, Building an Immigrant Justice Initiative


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