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Despite rebound, minorities still hardest hit by U.S. housing bust

Reuters - May 8, 2014, by Jennifer Chaussee - Despite a rebound in the U.S. housing market, African-...

05/8/2014 | Holding Wall Street Accountable, Restoring Community Wealth

What Housing Recovery?

New York Times - May 8, 2014, by Peter Dreier - Recently there’s been a lot of happy talk about the nation’s housing recovery. Frequent reports about rising prices suggest that the tens of...

05/8/2014 | Holding Wall Street Accountable, Restoring Community Wealth

Charter Schools are Cheating Your Kids: New Report Reveals Massive Fraud, Mismanagement, Abuse

Salon - May 7, 2014, by Paul Rosenberg - Just in time for National Charter School Week, there’s a new report highlighting the predictable perils of...

05/7/2014 | Promoting Strong Public Schools

Charter Schools Fail: New Reports Call Their ‘Magic’ Into Question

Education Opportunity Network - May 7, 2014, by Jeff Bryant - When members of the U.S. House of Representatives consider, beginning today, a bill to incentivize the expansion of charter schools,...

05/7/2014 | Promoting Strong Public Schools

Report Documents $100 Million in Charter School Fraud in 14 States and D.C.

Education Week - May 7, 2014, by Katie Ash - An examination of charter schools in 15 charter markets across the United States has exposed nearly $100 million in losses due to fraud,...

05/7/2014 | Promoting Strong Public Schools

Ana María Archila and Héctor Figueroa on Immigration Reform

Cuatro panelistas explican los logros y obstáculos de las marchas pro-inmigrantes de primero de mayo que llevan ya casi una década. Visitan el programa Héctor Figueroa, presidente del sindicato...

05/6/2014 | Building an Immigrant Justice Initiative

New Report Cites $100 Million-plus in Waste, Fraud in Charter School Industry

A new report by two groups that oppose reforms that are privatizing public education finds fraud and waste totaling more than $100 million of taxpayer funds in 15 of the 42 states that operate...

05/6/2014 | Promoting Strong Public Schools

Report: Lack of oversight leads to fraud, abuse in charter school operations

Arkansas Times - May 6, 2014, by Max Brantley - Don't look for Bill Moyers to be getting any grants from the Walton Family Foundation. ...

05/6/2014 | Promoting Strong Public Schools

Charter Schools Gone Wild: Study Finds Widespread Fraud, Mismanagement and Waste

Bill Moyers - May 5, 2014, by Joshua Holland - Charter school operators want to have it both ways. When they’re answering critics of school privatization, they say charter schools are public —...

05/5/2014 | Promoting Strong Public Schools

Center for Popular Democracy FOILs SUNY-Albany’s Rockefeller Institute Over Debunked Scaffold Safety Law “Study"


Contact: Hugh Baran, 646-200-5331, ...

05/5/2014 | Improving Job Quality


this just in...


One year ago today, our country watched in horror as white supremacists terrorized the city of Charlottesville. As the city continues to …

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