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Center For Popular Democracy Calls On GOP Lawmakers To Defend DACA

"DACA has been a lifeline for a generation of undocumented youth," says national community organizing network


NEW YORK -- The Center for Popular Democracy released the following statement from Co-Executive Director Ana María Archila in response to news that President Trump was "strongly considering" ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program:
"DACA has been a lifeline for a generation of undocumented youth. It has let young people in every corner of the country emerge from the shadows and seek a better future, to build careers and families and more fully pursue the elusive American dream. Revoking DACA now would slam the door on that future shut for nearly a million young people, and hurt the communities, universities, and businesses that have prospered as a result of their success.
Trump has consistently used immigrants as cannon fodder to distract from his lack of any real solutions or vision for our country. Ending DACA would be a cruel, heartless, and shortsighted move and only underline the extent to which Trump has aligned himself with the interests of a small, radicalized sliver of America, one hell-bent on protecting white supremacy and suppressing the voices of immigrants and all people of color. 
Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have defended DACA since the beginning, and Democrats continue to vocally support DACA and the youth who depend on it. It is now time for all Republicans in Congress to choose a side. Do Republicans stand with the young people that are the future of this country, or do they stand with a bigoted President trying to reverse all of the progress that we have made?
Trump's actions are not the end of the fight. They are the beginning. They will only add fuel to the fire of a growing, vibrant movement of people standing up for a more inclusive America, a movement that is gaining strength with every passing day and delivering defeats to this President at every turn. Diversity has always been this country's strength, and it is a force stronger than any President."

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