VICTORY! Winning A Fair Workweek Across the Country

2016 has been a break-through year in the movement for a fair workweek. CPD’s Fair Workweek Initiative has helped grassroots campaigns win landmarkstandards for a family-sustaining workweek in four cities, improving the lives of more than 100,000 working families.

  • Historic Opportunity to Work Initiative overwhelmingly passed in San Jose onelection day ensuring more than 64,000 hourly workers have a fair shot to work enoughhours so their paycheck covers the bills and puts food on the table.
  • Momentum-building Fair Workweek policy wins in Seattle and in Emeryville,
  • a California Bay Area retail-hub, guaranteeing tens of thousands of people working inretail and food service predictable, balanced workweeks with schedules that allow them to plan ahead and be healthy. 
  • First-ever guaranteed hours law passed in Washington, D.C. establishing a30-hour workweek for commercial janitors.

This is just the beginning of a growing movement to ensure we all have a fair workweek – that gives us reliable hours at decent pay, so every working person can care for theirfamily, keep healthy, and build thriving communities.

These victories are thanks to powerful grassroots coalitions that includeCPD partners: ACCE, Working Washington, and Working Partnerships USA.Labor allies: SEIU 32BJ, the South Bay Labor Council, UFCW 21, SEIU 775and UFCW 555. And grassroots allies: EBASE of the Partnership for WorkingFamilies, Working Families, and Jobs with Justice.  

Thank you for standing with us!