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Greenlight Bookstore Civic Engagement Series

Join CPD friends and allies on June 26 at 7:30pm in Brooklyn, NY for Greenlight Bookstore’s next installment of their Civic Engagement Series. Greenlight’s Civic Engagement Series hosts nonprofit groups working in social justice, community organizing, and the arts, with the goal of providing tools for community involvement and support to those doing necessary work in our culture. Join Co-Executive Director Andrew Friedman and Senior Attorney Kumar Rao who will lead a ​discussion on how government relies on policing and incarceration policies to advance public safety, and how advocates are pushing for less damaging, fairer, and more effective safety investments in communities that promote opportunity and racial equity.

They will explore tools to reduce over-policing and criminalization of communities of color, and highlight the school-to-prison-pipeline work they are doing, particularly in the context of the new administration​​. 20% of all book sales during the entire day of the event will be donated to CPD, and an option for direct donation will be available at the event. You can learn more here.