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Organize Florida Education Fund

Organize Florida Education Fund is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering people to be leaders in their communities. Organize Florida Education Fund provides training and support to low and moderate income residents to become civically engaged.

The education fund educates voters on issues facing low and middle class floridians, trains the public on becoming leaders in their communities, focuses on assessing community concerns and empowering community members so that they can have the skills they need to address their concerns and hosts educational events such as the Leadership Academy and Know Your Rights Series where supporters can learn about issues affecting their communities.

Climate Justice
Climate change is a threat to all forms of justice. Our current campaigns work to ensure frontline communities equitably benefit from the implementation of local, sustainable economic development plans. We encourage stakeholders and city decision makers to adopt social equity policies that addresses climate justice and environmental racism with specific metrics tied to improving the lives of low income people, women & children, immigrants & people of color. We also are working in low income and communities of color to build neighborhood based disaster response hubs.

Reproductive Justice
We fight back against policies and practices that seek to assert control of women & femme bodies and attack the resources available for women, femmes, and their families to thrive. There are real threats to reproductive rights and justice in FL on both a state and federal level. Right now we work to protect access to legal, safe abortions. Our current campaign is focused on exposing fake, anti-abortion fake “women centers ” also called Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPC), and getting them out of Orlando. We work in coalition across the state to expose CPCs, educate the public, and fight against their legitimization by the state.

Housing Justice
We believe everyone has a right to healthy, quality, affordable housing. We work with low income communities and communities of color to fight for renters’ rights, improvement of housing conditions, fight against skyrocketing rents, and demand quality affordable housing for all. Our strategies include holding landlords, government, and corporate developers accountable for the housing crisis they helped to create. We work in coalition with other organizations and demand that government and private resources be used to solve the current housing crisis in Central Florida & Tampa Bay.

Criminal Justice
We believe that police, prisons and jails do not create real safety in our communities. We work to end mass incarceration and advance policies that lessen the harm of the criminal justice system in our communities. Our current campaigns focus on restoring rights of those who have been disenfranchised, and advancing a progressive bail reform policy throughout Florida. The current money bail policy in our criminal justice system operates as a “poverty penalty” and is a remnant of Jim Crow that disproportionately impacts poor people and communities of color.

Puerto Rican Diaspora & Latinx Power Building
The Puerto Rican community displaced by Hurricane Maria has the right to be treated with dignity and receive support to stay and thrive in Central Florida. In coalition with with Puerto Rican advocacy organizations, we have worked to demand that FEMA continue to offer housing vouchers to support Puerto Rican new arrivals. Our work focuses on activating Puerto Rican political power to educate decision makers about the corporate interests that have devastated the island, and the need to address the impact of climate displacement on the PR diaspora.

Healthcare for All
We believe in Medicare for All. Through education, leadership development, and advocacy, we fight for all people to have access to the care they need at a cost that is affordable for each individual, they can obtain the right care at the right time, in language they can understand, and without having to travel unreasonably far. Recent campaigns have been focused on protecting the Affordable Care Act and fighting for medicaid expansion.

Expanding Democracy
With the passage of the Voter Restoration Amendment is 2018, we have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to dramatically expand the electorate in Florida. Recognizing that registering 1.4 million new voters is a herculean task, OF and the State-Wide Alignment Group partners have the goal of registering 500,000 new voters over the next 18 months leading up to the 2020 election. We need more people to participate in our government, and it shouldn’t be only the white precincts who have easy access to voting. This election showed us that going forward we need to both fight for election reforms and make sure folks have a plan to vote early or vote from their homes in 2020.


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