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Do Susan Collins and Cory Gardner Really Want to Make Their Re-elections About Keeping Kids in Cages?

“We were at the forefront of holding Secretary Nielsen accountable for the role she played in crafting and executing...

05/17/2019 | The Intercept | Building an Immigrant Justice Initiative
05/17/2019 | Published by: Capital Research Center

MoveOn’s Immigration Rally

MoveOn’s Immigration Rally

An estimated two dozen people attended the rally, mainly from allied activist organizations. Among the protesters, CRC...

05/17/2019 | Capital Research Center | Building an Immigrant Justice Initiative

Sen. Jackson seeks to restore workers’ rights, enforcement of Maine labor laws

[The Private Attorneys General Act] has been enormously successful in empowering workers to vindicate their rights,”...

05/16/2019 | Maine Beacon | Improving Job Quality

Interview with Julian Castro: On Point

“[There are] some housing advocates who say that they have been trying to get your attention for years. Morris Weeks at...

05/13/2019 | Advocating for Housing Justice
05/13/2019 | Published by: Biz News, Milwaukee Business News

Our changing consumer habits: Retailers must adapt, or die

Our changing consumer habits: Retailers must adapt, or die

“My daughter, a former union organizer is currently the director of special projects for the Center for Popular...

05/13/2019 | Biz News, Milwaukee Business News | Holding Wall Street Accountable
05/12/2019 | Published by: Salon

Nobody likes getting ripped off by pharmaceutical corporations

Nobody likes getting ripped off by pharmaceutical corporations

Americans deserve to know if their elected officials are working for the voters who put them in office, or for their...

05/12/2019 | Salon | Civic Engagement
05/11/2019 | Published by: The Huffington Post

America's Next Too-Big-To-Fail Bank

America's Next Too-Big-To-Fail Bank

Plenty of institutions within the liberal firmament have called on regulators to reject the merger: The National Black...

05/11/2019 | The Huffington Post | Holding Wall Street Accountable

Private Prison Company GEO Group Says Activists Pose Risk to Bottom Line

“We will no longer bank the private prison industry,” JP Morgan announced in March after a long public pressure...

05/8/2019 | Newsweek | Holding Wall Street Accountable

Pledging to Treat Opioid Epidemic 'Like the Public Health Crisis That It Is,' Warren Unveils CARE Act

"If we are serious about addressing the opioid crisis, we must pass the CARE Act," Jennifer Flynn Walker of the Center...

05/8/2019 | Common Dreams | Civic Engagement
05/4/2019 | Published by: Lovett or Leave It

Democracy: Endgame (Live from Houston)

Democracy: Endgame (Live from Houston)

Marvel introduces a gay character (who’s in one scene and has NO powers). Kamala Harris wipes the floor with William...

05/4/2019 | Lovett or Leave It | Local Progress: A National Network of Progressive Local Elected Officials


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RT @npnewamericans: In 2017, Rafaela became a citizen after getting help from an initiative supported by @MayorOfLA office, a #Cities4Citiz

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