VICTORY! For Low Income Communities of Color

During 2016, the Federal Reserve made an historic shift in how it makes the most important economic decisions in the country. For the first time they are taking into account low-income communities of color. For the past 100 years the Fed has been dominated by white, male, corporate executives who have cared little about building an economy that works for everyone. 

However, in their deliberations during 2016, the Fed has been holding in-depth discussions about economic policy and racial disparities, signaling that, after a century of decision making, they are finally making a change.

This change is a direct result of the organizing work of the Center for Popular Democracy and our partners across the country who have been working as part of the Fed Up Campaign. In Spring of this year, Fed Up spearheaded a call to the Fed to reform its dismal record on diversity, which was endorsed by Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, John Conyers and over 100 other Representatives and Senators. Our campaign kept the pressure on by successfully incorporating Fed reform into the 2016 Democratic Party election platform. And in August, Fed Up convened the first ever, on the record forum between Fed officials and low-income communities of color at the Fed’s annual meeting in Jackson Hole, WY.

The Fed Up campaign is creating fundamental change at the Federal Reserve and opening up new opportunities to transform the economy for communities of color. Thank you for standing with us.