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Our Vision, Our Future: People's Convention

Our Vision, Our Future: People's Convention

Event Date & Time: Thursday, July 25, 2019 at 11:00 AM to Saturday, July 27, 2019 at 3:00 PM
Location: Detroit, Michigan
Join the Conversation: #PeoplesConvention19



    Please Join Us At Our Vision, Our Future: People’s Convention 2019! 

    From July 25-27 in Detroit, Michigan, this event will bring together over 1,700 grassroots leaders, organizers, elected officials, movement artists and leading national progressive voices for two days of transformative learning, action and collective power-building. Check back here often for updates to our program!

    Get more details with the People's Convention Agenda

    Check out Saturday's Building Our Movement Workshops

    Learn about the incredible Artists and Performers

    For more information on sponsorship opportunities, contact Rebecca Neuwirth, rneuwirth@populardemocracy.org or (917) 238-3664

    A message from Ana Maria Archila, Co-Executive Director, CPD/A

    From an affiliate and interested in joining? Check with your local organizer to join your delegation or email Jenny Griggs at jgriggs@populardemocracy.org!   



    Attendee Registration $750
    No Lodging (includes programming & meals from Thursday dinner to Saturday lunch. No lodging.)

    Attendee Registration $1,000
    Shared Room (includes lodging in a shared room on Thursday and Friday and meals from Thursday dinner to Saturday lunch)

    Attendee Registration $1,250
    Single Room (includes lodging in a single room on Thursday and Friday and meals from Thursday dinner to Saturday lunch)


    For sponsors, we welcome your attendance at the event as well!  Please let us know if you would like to attend and how many of you will attend and we will work to accommodate your needs. All levels include an invitation to a special opening reception on July 25 and acknowledgement in all published materials. For more information on sponsorship opportunities, contact Rebecca Neuwirth, rneuwirth@populardemocracy.org or (917) 238-3664

    Friend $2,500
    Please discuss with us how many representatives of your organization would like to attend the Convention.

    Ally $5,000
    Includes an opportunity to table at the event. Please discuss with us how many representatives of your organization would like to attend the Convention.

    Sponsor $15,000
    Includes acknowledgement in plenary session slides and an opportunity to table at the event. Please discuss with us how many representatives of your organization would like to attend the Convention.

    Co-Host $25,000
    Includes acknowledgement in slides and from podium at opening.  Please discuss with us how many representatives of your organization would like to attend the Convention.

    Host $50,000 or more
    Includes above and special acknowledgement at opening reception as well as an opportunity to table at the event.  Please discuss with us how many representatives of your organization would like to attend the Convention.


    Go to populardemocracy.org/peoplesconvention19 for real-time updates on the program and planned events.

    If you are interested in registering as an individual, the cost is $750 and includes meals offered as part of the Convention programming, but no travel or lodging.  Reach out to jgriggs@populardemocracy.org for more information.



    Hi CPD/A Affiliate! 

    Please click here to remit payment, as stated on the invoice you received, for your dues and/or PC registration feeds. Can't want to see you July 25-27!



    Lah Tere

    Animadora del Pueblo/Mistress of Ceremonies

    Lah Tere, a Chicago Native, and first-generation diasporic Borikena, is a global teaching youth ARTivist, Real-Time Results Facilitator, and Co-Founder of Momma’s Hip Hop Kitchen. As an ASPIRAnte she implements Dr. Antonia Pantoja’s philosophy of Awareness, Analysis, and Action in all of her life’s work. Her fervor is fueled by helping youth shift their misfortune into a positive energy, turning trials into triumph.

    Momma’s Hip Hop Kitchen (MHHK) is a multifaceted hip-hop event designed to showcase women artists, especially women of color. MHHK serves as a social justice community-organizing platform that educates and empowers women of color on issues that impact their lives, including HIV/AIDS and reproductive justice.

    Lah Tere is also a proud Advisory Board member of The Hurricane Maria Community Relief & Recovery Fund (the Maria Fund). The devastating effects of Hurricanes Irma and Maria on Puerto Rico are still unfolding, but one thing is certain — the island faces a long and challenging road to recovery and rebuilding. Puerto Ricans are living through intense destruction and suffering. The Maria Fund was launched to help communities hit hardest by the storm. In the immediate aftermath, the Maria Fund distributed emergency funds to several community-based organizations: Taller Salud in Loíza, the G8 of Caño Martín Peña in San Juan, and Centro para Desarrollo Político, Educativo, y Cultural in Caguas and delivered critically-needed supplies to the island. To support the development of sustainable and just Puerto Rico, the Maria Fund supports critical community organizing efforts.


    AUSUBA arises from the need for a women-centered arts and activism project in Puerto Rico, and grew out of a learning and action workshop of more than 30 women of all ages in 2010. Those women explored all roles in the execution of the Puerto Rican bomba, especially the percussion roles traditionally dominated by men.

    AUSUBA was launched in 2012 and is directed by the cultural manager and choreographer Marién Torres. It expresses the experience of the current Puerto Rican woman: her joys, sorrows and struggles, as well as the invisibilized memory of women Puerto Rican revolutionaries; this essence is conveyed through the group’s original songs.

    The name AUSUBA comes from the fruit of the endemic Puerto Rican tree Ausubo, which is of a very dense wood, difficult to corrupt and used to build the first cities in Puerto Rico. The spread of its fruit and flower, the Ausuba, is one that has been impossible for humans to curb.


    AUSUBA surge de la necesidad de un proyecto femenino activo en Puerto Rico, lo cual llevó a la creación de un taller de estudio y reunión de más de 30 mujeres de todas las edades en el 2010. Las mujeres exploraron todos los roles en la ejecución de la bomba puertorriqueña, especialmente la ejecución de la percusión tradicionalmente dominada por hombres.

    A raíz del taller de desarrollo y estudio de la percusión como parte de los proyectos de la organización sin fines de lucro Taller Tambuyé, Inc., surge AUSUBA en el 2012 dirigido por la gestora cultural y coreógrafa Marién Torres. La experiencia de la mujer puertorriqueña actual: sus alegrías y tristezas, luchas sociales y de género, así como la memoria invisibilizada de la mujeres revolucionarias puertorriqueñas; dan la esencia en las canciones originales del grupo femenino.

    El nombre AUSUBA proviene del fruto del árbol endémico puertorriqueño ausubo, el cual es de una madera muy densa, difícil de corromper y usada para construir las primeras ciudades en Puerto Rico. Su fruto y flor, la ausuba, es uno imposible para el ser humano domesticar.

    Directora: Marién Torres López (Jayuya)
    Integrantes: Amarilys Ríos (Toa Baja)
    Bárbara Pérez (Mayagüez)
    Joelys Hernández (Ciales)
    Lorna León (Guaynabo)
    Maritere Martínez (Loíza)
    Minirka Cabán (San Juan)
    Venus Monge (Yabucoa)
    Yanira Plaza (Carolina)

    DJ Geko Jones

    Brooklyn's Geko Jones is a DJ and party promoter pushing forward the Afro-Latin agenda in nightclubs around the world. A founding member of several influential franchises like the Dutty Artz Record label, the Que Bajo global bass parties in NYC, Ministerio de la Parranda and more, his DJ mixing and spans the tropical hemispheres to collage together hours of globally sonic dance floor mayhem that follow Atlantic migrations.  He has released records on Dutty Artz and the eponymous Fania Records imprint. Expect heavy afro-latin percussion mashed up against synthetic basslines, global breaks, african guitars and big room drops sure to get the dancefloor swinging to left to right.


    In one breath, Goapele is urging social change and boldly standing up for righteousness in the face of inequality. In the next, she’s guiding her child with a sensitive understanding, hard-earned wisdom, and unconditional love. In between, she’s as soulful as ever. This delicate sonic shape-shifting is a technique she introduced on her now classic 2001 debut Closer, but she honed it to perfection on Dreamseeker. 

    That diversity has defined the Oakland-born singer, songwriter, producer, actress, and designer since the start of her career in 2001. Her influence and impact can be felt throughout R&B, soul, and hip-hop. Even Closer yielded the iconic anthem “Closer.” To date, it’s impressively racked up over 8 million Spotify streams.

    In between touring the world, she has released five albums and collaborated with a diverse array of heavy hitters such as Snoop Dogg, E-40, Eric Benét, Soulive, and Jeff Bhasker. A film and television mainstay, she’s landed high-profile syncs in Sparkle, Honey, 90210, and many more. The Washington Post fittingly described her as “soulful as always,” Huffington Post called her “a driving motivational force for many women,” and Essence claimed, “her voice is the stuff of dreams.”

    Goapele has expanded her creative outlet into film, executive producing and starring in the art-noir, experimental short film #WhereIsBeauty. With social media playing a huge part in our lives, the film addresses society's obsession with selfies while following the journey of a woman challenging her followers to dig deeper in appreciating that true beauty exists within us.

    Most recently, Goapele has been building out her lifestyle brand Dreamseeker, collaborating with emerging designer Meyoucollective on an eco friendly unisex limited edition athleisure line with a zero waste philosophy. While currently digging deeper into fashion, she is simultaneously recording her sixth album, which is expected later this year.

    Miz Korona

    If award-winning Detroit emcee Miz Korona had followed the rigid rules she’s been given since her childhood, she would have never opened up for hip- hop icons like Scarface and Run-DMC, or free-styled alongside Eminem and Xzibit in a blockbuster film that was monumental for the rap genre and her city. Her father—a member of 70s R&B group The Floaters—wanted her to sing, but she decided to rhyme. A cowardly music industry would prefer she either rap about sex or keep her lips sealed, but she spits blistering bars without compromise. Good thing she doesn’t listen.

    “I have a no-holds-barred approach: ‘You’re going to respect me,’” Korona insists. “If you stand firm, you make people pay attention. It’s about being assertive and letting your voice come out.”

    After going into “retirement” for nearly 2 years Miz Korona not only returned in 2017 with her EP entitled Set Fire she also came with a band (The Korona Effect). The wordplay and metaphors on the lead single Most Slept on proves that this MC still has the ability to compete with the big dogs.

    In 2017 Miz Korona was hand selected to headline the 8 Mile 15 year Anniversary celebration concert at Saint Andrews Hall and Friday Night Live at the Detroit Institute of Arts.

    More recently she and her band The Korona Effect were scouted to headline the HAU Music Festival in Berlin, Germany, Allied Media Conference and Light Up Livernois Music Festival.

    Rebel Diaz

    Rebel Diaz brothers RodStarz and G1 grew up in Chicago and came up in The South Bronx. They are the sons of political refugees from Chile who fled a CIA-funded dictatorship in the 1970s. Revolution raised them, and the culture of Hip-Hop provided them their own Nueva Cancion.The brothers have been doing rebel rap since the Clinton Era, sharing their story and those of the people; el barrio, the hood, the poor, los inmigrantes. Their bilingual sound has been shaped by pieces of South American folk, house, and latin percussion gettin down with boom-bap breaks and 808s.

    Hip-Hop and a vision for liberation have taken Rebel Diaz around the world. With DJ Illanoiz and their band, they've rocked stages in front of thousands at festivals, and in front of dozens in squat house living rooms. They learned about tomas during international tours, then came back to The Bronx, took over an abandoned building and started a community center, the RDACBX. The brothers have given lectures at Ivy League schools, but are college dropouts. They went from rapping about being 'periodistas de la esquina' to actually hosting a television news program on Telesur English. Today, they continue in la lucha with their families and in their community through their music and multimedia work. Watch Rebel Diaz: Pistola Clap! Live in Greece



    Marriott Renaissance Hotel
    :  Renaissance Center, 400 Renaissance Dr W, Detroit, MI 48243
    Detroit Cobo Convention Center: 1 Washington Blvd, Detroit, MI 48226



    Affiliate & ally meetings:
    Marriott Renaissance Hotel
    Small meetings of invited affiliate leaders in CPD issue/work cohorts:
              11:30am-2:00pm Immigration Cohort
    1:00p-6:00pm Politics Cohort
              3:00-6:00pm Puerto Rico Cohort
              5:00-7:00pm Youth welcome and get to know you space
              (if you are interested in one of these and have not received an invite, please email us and we will put you in touch with the           right people)
              2:00-5:00pm Class Privilege & Organizing: The Role of Wealthy People in The Movement, hosted by Resource Generation.

    Welcome reception:
    42 Degrees North, Marriott Renaissance Hotel|
              For event sponsors, local invited guests and 2 representatives per CPD/A affiliate
              Special Guests:  DJ Geko Jones & Goapale

    Dinner & Welcome to Detroit!:
    Marriott Renaissance Hotel
              7p Meet & mingle
    8p Dinner served
    9p Welcome from our Detroit hosts Good Jobs Now
              Special Guests: DJ Geko Jones, Miz Korona, Goapale and Lah Tere

    Youth Welcome Gathering & Art Making:
    42 Degrees North, Marriott Renaissance Hotel


    Breakfast Buffet:
     Marriott Renaissance Hotel

    Delegations Assemble:
    Marriott Renaissance Hotel, Riverwalk Entrance
              (Non-affiliate allies and friends, please walk over to Cobo Center to form the greeting party for the delegations!)

    March Of The Delegations & Arrival at Cobo
    Detroit Riverwalk
              Special Guests: Ausuba

    Opening Plenary
    Cobo Center
    Our Vision, Our Future: The Path Ahead for our Network and our Movement
    Welcome!  We are Here in Detroit TOGETHER!
              Delegation Roll Calll
              A Vision for Our Path Forward: Panel discussion and exploration of our five-year strategic vision with network leaders and           invited guests
              Collective Review of our federal platform
              Special Guest and Animadora del Pueblo/Mistress of Ceremonies: Lah Tere

    Lunch and Breakout Discussions:
    Cobo Center
              12:30p-1:45pm Michigan Town Hall with local invited electeds
              12:30-1:45pm Network ED meeting
              1:00-1:45pm Table discussions on Strategic Vision

    Plenary: Platform Ratification and Action Prep: Cobo Center
              Ratification of our Federal Platform
              Prepare for the afternoon’s action

    Taking It To The Streets: Detroit’s Fights Are All Of Our Fights!

    Block Party & Dinner:
     Detroit Spirit Plaza (TBC)
              Special Guests: Rebel Diaz, Lah Tere, Miz Korona, DJ Geko Jones, Ausuba & more!

    Evening Conversations and Cultural Experiences
    Cobo Center
              Short film screenings
              Sharing our Stories Workshops by issue
              Youth Open Mic



    Breakfast: Cobo Center

    Plenary on Building Independent Political Power
    Cobo Center
              Special Guests TBC

    Building Our Movement Workshops:
    Cobo Center
              Sessions begin at 10:20
              Lunch will be offered mid-day

              Detroit Canvass:  Volunteer to hit the doors in Detroit in support of our affiliate Good Jobs Now!

    Closing Plenary and Departure

    Boxed dinner to go



    Two exciting strains of workshops will be offered concurrently on Saturday, July 27th: 80-minute Skills and Strategy Workshops and 5-Hour Issue & Constituency Leadership Workshops. Participants may choose one (1) Issue and Constituency Workshop OR three (3) Skills and Strategy Workshops.

    View the full agenda for the People's Convention here


    80-Minute Skills & Strategy Workshops:
    These workshops will take place in  sequential 80-minute sessions on Saturday of the convention, and attendees may participate in 3 of these workshops. This is a preliminary list of topics organized by theme. A schedule with timing details, along with language accessibility details and a registration form, will be published soon!


    Building Our Skills and Power:

    Action through Services
    We will discuss what works and does not work in mobilizing people that come to receive services. Explore ways to activate the people that come to your services and move them towards activism!
              Facilitators: Alex Fennell, Churches United for Fair Housing and Jaqui Rodriguez, Churches United for Fair Housing

    Building Power in Smaller Towns & Rural Areas
    In this workshop, we will explore the ways in which organizing rural communities requires a variety of unconventional methods and tactics. We will also share with one another how we measure our successes and impact, as it is comparatively different from traditional measures of turnout. We will be utilizing case studies and organizing experiments in small towns and rural communities to increase our knowledge of existing scholarship on the work that we are doing. Finally; we will be discussing how we can harness electoral power in small towns.
              Facilitators: Kate Hess-Pace, Hoosier Action and Heaven Sensky, Center for Coalfield Justice

    Digital Security For Non-Techies
    Has digital security been on your mind, but you're not sure how to start protecting yourself and your organization? You are not alone! In this workshop, we will demystify hacking, social engineering, surveillance, doxxing, and other digital threats our movement faces and provide you with guidance and resources on how to protect yourself, your membership, and your organization. Implementing baseline digital security practices isn't as difficult as you think!
              Facilitators: Rabia Syed, CPD/A and Arlenis Morel, Make the Road New York

    Let's Get Our Own People Elected!
    Are you unsatisfied with the people representing you in City Hall, School Board, or the State Legislature? Learn how groups in our network are recruiting leaders to run for office and how they are winning! Also, meet some of our favorite elected officials and talk about how we can work together once our folks are elected.
              Facilitators: Amanda Johnson, Working Families Party and Colin Hicks, CPDA

    Mindful Organizing: How We Care for our People and Build Power
    Join us for an interactive conversation on how to move our members/leaders from the fear and timidness oppression encourages to liberating action and power building. Those who want to explore how we transform organizing and win AND care for ourselves and our movement family.
              Facilitators: Jennifer Wells & Jules Kessler, West Virginia Healthy Kids and Families Coalition

    Organizing for Power: Lessons from the State Power Project
    Come explore lessons learned in CPD base-building methodology! This session is open for anyone wanting to learn more about base-building and its political importance, the role of canvassing in building power, the successful components of an organizing program, leadership development, and committee building.
              Facilitators: Tony Perlstein, CPD/A, Tiffany Cruz, CPD/A, Londell Thomas, CPD/A, and Greg Basta, CPD/A

    Resource Generation Leading: Dismantling Class Privilege to Build Cross Class Power
    Class privilege is rarely talked about or examined in activist spaces, which means that social justice organizing can inadvertently replicate classism and therefore exclude poor and working class leaders. This workshop will provide people with concrete tools that can be used to recognize and counter class privilege to build cross-class solidarity. This 101 training is open to people of all ages and class backgrounds.
              Facilitators: Resource Generation Staff & Members of the CPD Network's Development Cohort

    Self Care in a Burnout World: Learn Tips to Support You in Creating a More Balanced Life
    Experience a short guided meditation.
              Facilitators: Jaqui Rodriguez,
    Churches United for Fair Housing


    Exploring our Federal Agenda:

    Beat Wall Street to Win Economic Power for Workers & Communities
    In this workshop we will explore connections between Wall Street & financial industry and front-line community & worker impact through multi-technique campaign planning & execution. We will also discuss new revenue for state and local budget campaigns as well as identify new villains for state and local housing, wage & anti-austerity campaigns!
              Facilitators: Michael Kink & Charles Khan, Jen Flynn Walker, CPD/A, Darius Gorden, CPD/A, New York Communities for Change, and Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment

    Building our 2020 Immigrant Rights Vision
    What is next for the immigrant rights movement and how will our network play a key role in winning what our communities need?
              Facilitators: Julio Lopez Varona, CPD/A and Natalia Aristizabal, Make the Road New York

    Confronting Racial Capitalism: How Corporations Practice White Supremacy and How We Can Fight Back
    We all deserve jobs with living wages, stable hours, job security, opportunities to advance, and basic respect. But in reality, people of color are more likely to work in jobs that don't allow us or our families to thrive. In this workshop, we will discuss how white supremacy shows up in our workplaces and why antidiscrimination laws have failed us. We'll also learn about campaigns to win workplace protections that allow all workers, including people of color, to work with dignity.
              Facilitators: Rachel Deutsch, CPD/A and Salewa Ogunmefun, One Pennsylvania

    Drawing Our Democracy: Exercising Community Power in the 2021 Redistricting Process
    In this workshop, participants will learn basic information about the redistricting process and explore the ways that redistricting affects movement power and political representation in our democracy. Participants will also be introduced to specific strategies for influencing the redistricting process and centering racial equity and community power that they can take back to their own communities. Workshop attendees should include affiliate staff and members who want to learn about exercising community power in the 2021 redistricting process.
              Facilitators: Emma Greenman, CPD/A and Salewa Ogunmefun, One Pennsylvania

    Freedom to Thrive: Organizing for a New Federal Vision of Public Safety and Justice through Participatory Democracy
    In this workshop, we will preview a rapidly developing federal campaign to repeal and replace the 1994 crime bill with a new public safety bill that centers investments in communities (housing, healthcare, youth services, infrastructure, and jobs) as well as mass decriminalization and decarceration policies. Participants will hear about how this intersects with the 2020 Presidential race, and will workshop a unique participatory process that will engage the communities most harmed by over-policing and mass incarceration to offer their vision and text for the ultimate legislation.
              Facilitators: Kumar Rao, CPD/A, Tracey Corder, CPD/A and Marbre Stahly-Butts, Law for Black Lives

    Freedom to Thrive: Tackling White Supremacy and Investing in our Communities
    In this workshop we will explore how to shift the narrative on safety and policing and how to reframe the need to invest in our futures. Folks who attend this workshop should include people who are interested in divesting from the criminal justice system in all forms including the school-to-prison pipeline.
             Facilitators: Angela Lang, Black Leaders Organizing Communities and Jewel Butler

    From Burque Bucks to Federal Fights, How Our Communities Build Power When We Drive Democracy Work
    Want fresh inspiration or have ideas to share for how we build an inclusive democracy, from the local to federal level? Join this workshop if you’d like to check in on the heated fights to build a people-centered, multi-racial democracy. Come explore how communities are leading this work, including efforts to expand voting rights, get big money out of politics, and put people in charge of our democracy.
              Facilitators: Tam Doan, CPD/A and Andrea Serrano, Organizers in the Land of Enchantment (OLE)

    UnHarming Ohio - Uniting survivors of the Drug War
    The narrative around the drug war seeks to divide us by race and destroy our communities by economics and incarceration. Let's Unite and fight back!! THis workshop is appropriate for anyone who seeks to unite against the war on drugs  and who are actively working in or want to want to start their own state movements on this issue.
              Facilitators: Amanda Kiger, Ohio Organizing Collaborative

    Winning the Narrative for Housing Justice
    Learn tools, best practices and lessons learned from affiliates organizations and experts leading major housing justice campaigns in their areas. Get tips on how to craft a communications strategy and narrative based on storytelling and messaging that has proven effective with broader audiences. Together we will share and learn what a winning narrative for Housing Justice looks like!
              FacilitatorsLia Weintraub, CPD/A, Dianne Enriquez, CPD/A and Katie Goldstein, CPD/A

    You Count! Building Community Power through the 2020 Census
    The underfunding of the Census and the addition of Trump’s citizenship question to the survey is a deliberate by the Trump Administration to scare our communities from participating. However, we must not let our communities be intimidated by this question.  This workshop seeks to talk about how organizations can engage in the Census in a way that helps them build long term power while being informed about what are the legal structures that protect their work.
              Facilitators: Julio Lopez Varona, CPD/A and Leo Murrieta, Make the Road Nevada


    Narrative Resistance:

    Claiming Our Narrative; Deconstructing the Dominant Ideology
    Our world has been controlled by a values system that divides and makes power inaccessible in our communities for decades. In this workshop, we will break this ideology down, and ground ourselves in the values that we want to see in our world. This workshop is ideal for anyone who wants to understand power through ideology and narrative.
              FacilitatorsBianka Salomon, Organize Florida and Path to Power and Devan Cheaves, Organize Florida and Path to Power

    Hip Hop & Immigration
    This multimedia workshop focuses on the historical and current intersections between the struggle for immigrant rights and the socio-political concerns of the Hip-Hop generation. By exploring the historic role of immigrant communities in the creation of Hip-Hop culture, as well as the parallels between the continued criminalization of immigrants and young people of color, this workshop posits that it is the Hip Hop’s generation's responsibility to defend immigrant rights.
              Facilitator: RodStarz, Rebel Diaz


    Political Education:

    A Just Recovery For Puerto Rico:  Building the #CanceltheDebt Campaign
    The Center for Popular Democracy network and allies are working together to #CanceltheDebt and fight for a just recovery in Puerto Rico and the diaspora. In this webinar, Puerto Rican activists will explain the current issues faced by the island and the ways in which the local community is organizing and rooting their activism in Puerto Rico and its community members.
              Facilitators: Julio López Varona, CPD/A, Construyamos otro Acuerdo and New York Communities for Change

    Designing a Platform for the Political Revolution
    Envisioning a platform for a multiracial left working class political party
              Facilitators: Ted Fertik, Working Families Party

    Let's Build RAGE: Race and Gender Equity!
    In this workshop we will vision how to create a vibrant and sustainable on the ground movement for racial and gender equity. All are welcome!
              Facilitators: Gloria De Los Santos, Action NC and Naomi Randolph, Action NC

    The Road to Dignity: Criminal Justice Reform from the Bottom Up
    Come learn about how incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women organized, collected data and changed policy in the State of Florida.
              Facilitators: Tray Johns, New Florida Majority and Nubian Roberts, New Florida Majority

    Why We Need to Build a 3rd Party in America: The Working Families Party
    With the Republican Party actively hostile to working people in America and Democrats unreliable partners it is time to explore building and strengthening a multi racial progressive political party - the Working Families Party. In this workshop we will explore the failures of the two parties to address the needs of working people and discuss the strategies and vision of the Working Families Party. Folks who should attend this workshop include people who are fed up with the Democratic party and want to create the kind of power to head off the series of crises we currently face.
              Facilitators: Maurice Mitchell, Working Families Party



    Strategic Research 101: Building Power Through Research!
    An introduction to strategic research, focusing on key databases; keyword search tips and a list of research resources that can be used in your day to day work to build power!
              Facilitator: Emily Gordon, CPD/A

    Participatory Research 101: How to Lead Research Projects in Partnership with Members and Community
    Explore participatory research methods that can be incorporated into organizing activities, including tools for collecting information about your members and the communities you organize; and ways to increase your ability to generate data alongside your base.
              Facilitator: Michele Kilpatrick, CPD/A


    5-Hour Issue & Constituency Leadership Workshops (LONG WORKSHOPS):
    All Issue & Constituency Leadership Workshop participants will receive some training in base-building and will be asked to commit to reach out to their personal networks in the weeks after convention to recruit others to attend an upcoming affiliate organized meeting or action -- hopefully generating new relationships for affiliates!  To help ensure that this effort is successful, all affiliates sending members to an Issue & Constituency Leadership Workshop are asked to organize a mid-late August meeting or action that is appropriate for new recruits to attend. CPD will provide a template agenda for a new recruit meeting in case affiliates do not have another meeting or action organized.  Please note that pre-registration is required for Issue & Constituency Leadership Workshops and space is limited. These intensive workshops will take place for the full workshop time slot and are meant to engage member leaders who are ready to commit to base-building and issue leadership on one of the following topics:


    Elections & Democracy:
    This country is called a Democracy, but why does it often feel like our votes don't matter? And why can so many people still not vote? As we approach one of the most important elections of our lifetimes, the 2020 Presidential race, we need to understand what it will take to kick out Trump, and all his cronies and to build a real democracy. If you are a member of a community organization that works on elections, come to this workshop to share and learn from others about how to combat voter suppression and how to build the biggest, baddest electoral operations our communities can for 2020.  For more info, contact Adam Gold at agold@populardemocracy.org.

    Education Justice:
    What do we do when education is under attack? Stand up, fight back! Neo-liberalism is swiftly undermining key democratic institutions in this country and abroad and the education system is not exempt. In fact, when the crisis of neoliberalism is paired with the consistent undervaluing of the education system, of parents, and of young people — particularly youth of color, immigrant youth, poor youth, and LGBTQ youth — the urgency and importance of fighting for quality education becomes powerfully clear. In this workshop, our goal is to politically educate and strategically align organizers by discussing this crisis, grounding in the racist and classist history of public education, and aligning our base-building efforts and campaign strategies to transform the education system.  For more info, contact Vonne Martin at

    Youth Power (Youth leaders encouraged to participate! This workshop is for YOU!):
    Throughout history, young people have played significant roles in building and leading powerful social movements, protesting injustice and driving progressive and revolutionary social change. Today is no different. We invite all young people in the CPD family who are engaged and want to contribute to a powerful youth movement to join this workshop to learn, strategize and continue building power together. We will focus on creating our North Star vision together and then set a plan to build power by bringing more young people into this movement. We will learn from historical youth movements, from each other's practices, and build some skills together so young people can organize their communities. This workshop is primarily designed for youth members and we would like youth organizers to attend and work with their delegations.  For more info, contact Kate Terenzi at

    The Climate Crisis:
    From record hurricanes to deadly wildfires, from dangerous polar vortexes to brutal heat waves, the climate crisis is upon us.  Our communities have already experienced devastation in California wildfires, Central American droughts, widespread tornadoes, Sandy, Harvey, Irma, Maria, and too much more — and if we don't organize at a historic level and fast, the consequences for our communities will be catastrophic.  In this workshop, learn about the climate crisis and step into organizing to both avert a catastrophic future and to advance a bold alternative — a far more equitable and sustainable society. This workshop is primarily designed for members who are new to and interested in engaging in organizing to address the climate crisis.  For more info, contact Steve Dooley at sdooley@populardemocracy.org.

    Medicare for All:
    Many of us fought to win the Affordable Care Act and while that was a huge victory, many people from our communities were still left without affordable, or any healthcare options. In fact 30 million people still do not have access to healthcare. A shocking 59% of those who don't have access are people of color. We deny health insurance to undocumented immigrants making only a few exceptions for children and pregnant women and even then, in only a few states. A whopping 76 million people in our country don't have access to healthcare at all times. For most of us, if we receive a diagnosis that renders us unable to work, we actually lose our health insurance when we need it most. Medicaid won't pick up our healthcare unless we sell our house, car and give up all of our belongings. A diagnosis might mean we are facing death, but it also means we are facing bankruptcy. People living with disabilities are usually forced into an institution instead of living with loved ones because of this. The United States is the only highly developed country without universal healthcare. In this workshop we learn the fundamentals of medicare for all and step into organizing to win. This campaign is lifesaving, but it is also an important part of our collective North Star and ideology of a government that provides for ALL of the people. Staff organizers, members, people living with illness or in need of healthcare are welcome. This workshop is designed to recruit you into a big tent of distributed organizing to win this policy victory.  For more info, contact Jennifer Flynn Walker at jflynn@populardemocracy.org.