Digital Organizer - Communities United

Communities United is a grassroots, membership organization of low to moderate income individuals and families in Maryland. Our mission is leadership development and community organizing that builds power to win transformative change for social, economic, and racial justice. Our current organizing focuses on ex-offender enfranchisement and quality of life, expansion of sustainable public community schools, effective approaches to addiction that reduce harm and support recovery, reducing violence and promoting trauma-informed policies and resilience in Baltimore, and confronting horrible housing conditions low income residents suffer in Baltimore, including a new campaign for expanded rental licencing and inspection.

In recent years, CU led campaigns that expanded voting rights to all citizens on release from prison and won $4 million to expand community schools in Baltimore. We also organized women in public housing to bring a successful civil suit to redress sexual abuse, specifically demands for sex from maintenance workers for repairs in their homes. We also helped launch and lead collaborations in West Baltimore seeking to heal trauma and end violence.

Communities United is now hiring a digital organizer as we work with our ​​national ​​partner​​ organization,​​ Center ​​for ​​Popular ​​Democracy,​​ to build​​ and ​​deploy a​​ new ​​organizing ​​infrastructure.​​ Through ​​coordination, ​​sustained​​ growth​​ and​​ accountability,​​ the ​​goal ​​of​​ this​​ program ​​is to ​​sustainably​​ shift ​​the issue environment​​ on ​​the ​​ground so ​​to​​ run ​​effective​​ organizing campaigns​​ at​​ scale​​ and​​ to strengthen ​​local ​​grassroots ​​power among low-income people of color in Maryland. This ​​position​​ will​​ be ​​responsible​​ for​​ drafting ​​content​​ and​​ collateral ​​for​​ digital​​ channels, ​​database​​ management/support, and​​ using​​ technology​​ to ​​expand​​ and​​ grow​​ our ​​base.

Job Title: Digital Organizer

Location: Based in Baltimore City; reaching into Baltimore and Prince George’s Counties.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Online ​​Organizing: ​​Draft,​​ proof,​​ and​​ send​​ campaign​​ emails, ​​including maintaining​​ a​​ comprehensive​​ email calendar; ​​create​​ content ​​to ​​meet​​ metrics ​​set ​​forth ​​by ​​the coordinated ​​effort;​​ develop​​ materials ​​for ​​and facilitate​​ communication with​​ allied​​ organizations​​ to​​ expand ​​reach ​​and​​ strengthen​ ​membership; post regular updates ​​to ​​campaign ​​social ​​media.
  • Social ​​Media​​ Engagement: ​​Support​​ CU social ​​media​​ by ​​monitoring ​​the ​​performance ​​of ​​each account;​​ coordinate​​ with​​ other ​​staff as appropriate ​​to​​ ensure​​ regular​​ content ​​updates;​​ implement strategies for ​​increasing ​​engagement​​ of​​ both ​​members ​​and​​ activists.
  • Contact​​ Management:​​ Manage ​​email ​​list ​​and ​​updates, ​​and​​ other​​ automated​​ communications​​ and​​ data management​​ systems​​ to ​​track and​​ maximize ​​engagement ​​of​​ activists​​ and ​​dues ​​paying ​​members.
  • Writing​​ and ​​Communications: ​​Draft​​ and​​ edit​​ digital ​​content,​​ Facebook and​​ Twitter posts, ​​member​​ emails, and ​​online ​​appeals; ​​work​​ with ​​other​​ staff​​ to ​​develop ​​rich​​ and ​​engaging​​content ​​that ​​helps ​​tell​​ the ​​story ​​of our ​​work ​​and ​​our​​ campaigns ​​in ​​creative ​​and​​ compelling​​ ways​​ using​​ online ​​media.

Primary Qualifications:

  • Digital​​ Organizing​​ Experience:​​ Have​​ experience​​ building​​ a program ​​of​​ relevant experience​​ as​​ part​​ of​​ online grassroots​​ issue ​​or ​​advocacy​​ campaigns​​ from​​ scratch, ​​including​​ with​​ social​​ media​​ platforms, ​​image​​ and video ​​editing; ​​excellent​​ written ​​and ​​verbal ​​communication​​ skills;​​ demonstrated ​​knowledge ​​about ​​tested​​ and proven  ​​methods ​​for online​​ organizing; ​​ability ​​to​​ write ​​persuasively​​ and ​​clearly; ​​strong​​ overall​​ technical​​ skills and ​​the ​​ability ​​to​​ quickly ​​learn ​​new ​​platforms; ​​familiarity ​​with​​ online​​ advocacy,​​ communications, ​​and email/data​​ management​​ systems.​​ Graphic ​​design,​​ video​​ production ​​and ​​HTML ​​skills ​​a​​ plus.
  • Demonstration ​​of​​ Shared​​ Values:​​ Demonstrated ​​interest ​​in ​​and ​​knowledge ​​of Communities United's mission and​​ agenda​​ to ​​fight ​​for​​ social​​ and economic ​​justice;​​ experience​​working ​​with ​​and ​​organizing ​​diverse constituencies, ​​including ​​grassroots ​​activist ​​organizations, ​​young​​ people,​​ and​​ people​​ of ​​color.
  • Highly ​​Motivated ​​& ​​Collaborative: ​​Enjoys ​​problem​​ solving, ​​and​​ figuring​​ out ​​how ​​to​​ get​​ things​​ done ​​in accordance​​ with​​ deadlines,​​ deliverables​​ and ​​changing​​ circumstances; ​​detail​​ oriented​​ self-starter ​​with strong ​​interpersonal​​ skills​​ who ​​works ​​well​​ independently ​​and​​ with​​ teams; ​​comfortable​​ working ​​in ​​a collaborative,​​ consensus-building ​​organization.

Application Process:

Send a cover letter and resume through the following link: