Co-Director of Field and Campaigns

The Alliance to Reclaim our Schools (AROS) is hiring for a Co-Director of Field and Campaigns.  We are seeking a seasoned community organizer with experience working with community and labor groups.  The ideal candidate will be an organizer who can help build a vision and execute campaigns for improving public education, stopping the privatization of our schools and preventing the destruction of our children, livelihoods and communities.

About AROS:

AROS represents more than 7 million educators, parents, and community leaders in a community-labor coalition dedicated to organizing for education justice.  AROS believes there is no education justice without racial justice.  AROS believes students, families and neighborhoods come first, when it comes to education, and every community deserves a great local public school.

Position Location: Geographically Flexible

Position Overview:

This is a new position and joins two existing senior staff and an active volunteer coordinating committee, along with more than two dozen AROS tables in states and local communities.

There is geographic flexibility for this position; the two existing staff, the Co-Director of External Relations and National Voice and Director of Policy, live in Washington DC and Chicago respectively. 


  • The primary responsibilities of this position will include:

  • Supporting the development of existing AROS tables and coalitions through engaging the groups in building organizing strategy to win progressive policies that advance racial justice in education and secure adequate resources and funding for the schools our children deserve.

  • Identifying opportunities to organize and supporting the launching of new campaigns to maximize those opportunities.

  • Nationalizing local fights by linking on the ground campaigns with allies across the network and providing strategic and communications support.

  • Leading AROS staff collaboration, coordination and reporting to the AROS Executive Committee.

  • Collaborate with other staff and AROS leaders to fundraise for AROS and to drive resources to the network and to the field.

  • Leading national coalition work with education justice allies and social movement groups, with support from the co-Director of External Relations and National Voice.


  • Preferred candidates will have:

  • at least 10 years of community organizing experience.

  • at least 5 years of experience in building community/labor coalitions.

  • experience working with a board of directors as staff or as a board member.

  • experience in successful grant writing.

Additional information:
This position requires regular travel.  A valid driver’s license for rental cars is preferable.


$90,000 per year

Generous benefits package


Please submit a cover letter and resume through our hiring portal: