Bilingual Community Organizer - Manufactured Housing Action

About MHAction

MHAction empowers homeowners and residents in manufactured home communities to build and win local, state and national issue campaigns that strengthen the long-term viability and affordability of their communities. The work of MHAction is based on a set of core values, central to which are compassion for our neighbors and love of our communities. We believe that manufactured home communities play a key role in providing affordable, safe and accessible housing for all families, regardless of race, language, immigration status, class, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.

MHAction’s main focus is to educate and mobilize local leadership teams around MHAction’s housing justice campaigns. MHAction operates as a multi-issue organization given our belief that it is vital to connect local leadership teams to progressive racial, social and economic justice movements and causes. MHAction embraces a leadership-led model that seeks to invest in and strengthen the skills of grassroots community leaders to lead all aspects of the organization’s work. Given the geographically dispersed nature of manufactured home communities, MHAction staff are required to balance direct, in-person relationship building and community organizing techniques with online organizing strategies and tactics using MHAction’s online infrastructure.

Duties and Responisbilities:

MHAction is seeking a Community Organizer to perform a wide range of duties focused on empowering manufactured homeowners most affected by the ongoing corporate consolidation of manufactured home communities that is being led by private equity and Wall Street-tied real estate investors. The Community Organizer position will be specifically focused on recruiting, engaging and mobilizing Spanish-language proficient community leaders and leadership teams.

The Community Organizer will be responsible for:

  • Identifying, recruiting and developing leaders to participate in MHAction’s campaigns.

  • Facilitating MHAction’s Leadership Cross Train (LCT) Program. MHAction’s LCT Program involves local leadership teams visiting ‘host’ communities and is designed to grow the organization’s reach and power.

  • Mobilizing homeowners to lead and participate in housing justice campaign activities and activate community leaders on key racial, social and economic justice campaigns that have been prioritized by the organization.

  • Meeting grassroots fundraising goals to ensure that MHAction has the resources necessary to carry out programmatic activities.

  • Creating positive interactions among local leadership teams and with allied organizations.

  • Working with MHAction’s online organizing tools (primarily Facebook, MHAction’s Action Network Platform and Twitter handle) to recruit and mobilize local leadership teams.

  • Analyzing membership and leadership development plans that relate to local leadership teams.

  • Maintaining and updating various campaign lists and data systems.

  • Working fluidly with MHAction’s staff and MHAction’s National Leadership Core Team in all aspects of the work of the organization.

  • Attending and preparing for weekly staff team meetings.


Successful applicants must be fully fluent in Spanish and English, have excellent communication skills, demonstrate the ability to work with local leadership in an effective manner, have knowledge and show a willingness to learn about racial, social and economic justice strategies and movements, and embrace the workplan balance required by the organization in terms of online-to-offline organizing strategies and tactics that engage homeowners in multiple locations simultaneously. Applicant must demonstrate the ability to initiate and oversee work independently.

It is critical for members of MHAction’s staff team to have the ability to work with manufactured homeowner from diverse backgrounds and cultures. MHAction staff also must be willing to lovingly challenge community leaders to take risks in order to make change.

Given the geographically dynamic nature of MHAction, campaign assignments will range in terms of states and localities that will be serviced by this position. Depending on experience, the position may begin with a twomonth apprenticeship program.

Travel: Travel to multiple geographies within multiple states is required of this position. MHAction will provide lodging, per diem and local transportation coverage in accordance with our staff reimbursement policies.

Compensation: Competitive salary and benefits include optional 401K type plan and fully paid health insurance.

Equal Opportunity: MHAction is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Women, LGBTQIA people, and people of color are strongly encouraged to apply.

Location and Reporting: To be determined. MHAction does have an organizational preference to house the position in either Florida, Texas or California. Given that airline travel is required, the organization prefers that the position is housed near a major airport. This position will report directly to MHAction’s Executive Director.

To Apply: Please send resume and cover letter expressing your interest in the position to Please include the word title ‘MHAction Community Organizer’ in your correspondence. Position is open until filled.