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Report slams Louisiana charter school oversight

The Times-Picayune - 05-08-2015 - Louisiana understaffs its ...

05/8/2015 | Holding Charter Schools Accountable

The next labor fight is over when you work, not how much you make

Washington Post - 05-08-2015  -  If there’s one labor issue that’s come to the forefront of political agendas over the...

05/8/2015 | Restoring a Fair Workweek

Good jobs for everyone

The Hill - 05-06-2015  -  The strain from Modesta Toribio’s retail job weighed down her life. Despite working full-...

05/6/2015 | Improving Job Quality

Newark schools should offer more social services, advocates say

NJ.com - 05-06-2015 -  Newark's schools should add more social services and community programming to tackle issues of...

05/6/2015 | Advocating for Community Schools

How Cities’ Funding Woes Are Driving Racial and Economic Injustice—And What We Can Do About It

The Nation - April 28, 2015, by Brad Lander & Karl Kumodzi - In August 2014, the municipality of Ferguson, Missouri...

04/28/2015 | Combating Discriminatory Policing

Report: Millions of Dollars in Fraud, Waste Found in Charter School Sector

The Washington Post - April 28, 2015, by Valerie Strauss - A new report released on Tuesday details fraud and waste...

04/28/2015 | Holding Charter Schools Accountable, Promoting Strong Public Schools

Lawmakers Call for “Fair Work Week” for Workers with Changing Schedules

WTNH News 8 - April 27, 2015, by Kent Pierce - Once you hit adulthood, life becomes a balance between your personal...

04/27/2015 | Restoring a Fair Workweek

On-call Shifts String Retail Workers Along

The Boston Globe - April 19, 2015, by Dante Ramos - Because life-threatening crises arise at odd times, people in some...

04/20/2015 | Restoring a Fair Workweek

Legal Experts Pan US for Disappointing Human Rights Record

MSNBC - April 17, 2015, by Willa Frej -The United States has a record of human rights abuses despite its position as a...

04/17/2015 | Combating Discriminatory Policing

Rigorous Review of Nashville Charter Schools Needed

The Tennessean - April 14, 2015, by Stephen Henry & Erick Hutch - Teachers are joining parents and local community...

04/16/2015 | Holding Charter Schools Accountable, Promoting Strong Public Schools


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The "retail apocalypse" is a Wall Street-made disaster. Private equity firms KKR Bain Capital & Vornado killed #ToysRUs with $5B debt while …

6 days ago

RT @BuzzFeedNews: Hundreds of students in NYC take part in the #NationalSchoolWalkout to protest gun violence. https://t.co/pwPfCNKob8

5 days ago