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The First Time Maria Gallagher Talked About Her Sexual Assault, It Was to Senator Flake

The Senate Judiciary Committee has officially voted to move Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination forward. However, Sen. Jeff Flake has requested an FBI investigation take place before the...

09/28/2018 | Elle | Civic Engagement

Protest Matters: Senate Asks F.B.I. to Investigate Kavanaugh After Flake Is Confronted by Sexual Assault Survivors

The Senate Judiciary Committee abruptly halted the effort to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court on Friday, agreeing to a request from Sen. Jeff Flake, an Arizona Republican, to delay a...

09/28/2018 | The Intercept | Civic Engagement

Woman Who Confronted Jeff Flake in the Elevator: 'I Wanted Him to Feel My Rage'

The protesters who cornered Flake just before he voted on Kavanaugh's confirmation spoke out about why they did it.


09/28/2018 | Vice | Civic Engagement

Protesters confronted Sen. Flake on his Kavanaugh vote. Hours later, he asked for a delay

Moments after pivotal Sen. Jeff Flake announced his support for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, the Arizona Republican was confronted with the consequences.


09/28/2018 | PBS NewsHour | Civic Engagement

What Does Jeff Flake's Vote Mean? Brett Kavanaugh Is Still in the Running, For Now

If you were tuned into the Judiciary Committee hearing on Friday afternoon, you may have witnessed a confusing moment: Hours after Senator Jeff Flake, an Arizona Republican, announced in a...

09/28/2018 | Marie Claire | Civic Engagement
09/28/2018 | Published by: New York Post

Sex assault survivor who confronted Jeff Flake speaks out

Sex assault survivor who confronted Jeff Flake speaks out

A sex assault survivor who confronted Sen. Jeff Flake inside an elevator Friday — after announcing he would vote in favor of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh — said that the likely pivotal...

09/28/2018 | New York Post | Civic Engagement

Women Have a Voice: Watch 2 Protestors Confront Senator Jeff Flake to Call for an FBI Investigation

Before Senator Jeff Flake shocked the world by requesting an FBI investigation into sexual assault claims made by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh on Friday...

09/28/2018 | Yahoo! News | Civic Engagement

Protester who confronted Sen. Flake about Kavanaugh vote: 'Everyone had an impact'

Though the demonstrators who confronted Sen. Jeff Flake in an elevator over his support of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh have found themselves in the spotlight for their emotional plea,...

09/28/2018 | ABC7 News | Civic Engagement

The Women Who Confronted Jeff Flake In An Elevator Spoke Up About Why They Did It

In a viral moment that could potentially change the course of U.S. history, two women confronted Sen. Jeff Flake in an elevator on Friday and challenged him on his recently-announced support for...

09/28/2018 | Bustle | Civic Engagement

‘Shut This Office Down’: 128 Arrested As Anti-Kavanaugh Protesters Visit Republican Senators

The Women’s March and the Center for Popular Democracy spearheaded a mass arrest action to kick off a week of protests in support of Dr. Ford, whose allegations against the Supreme Court nominee...

09/24/2018 | News2Share | Civic Engagement


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