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A National Solution

A National Solution

New York Times - June 25, 2014, by Peter Markowitz - For too many years our nation’s discourse around immigration has been distorted by anti-immigrant activists who have advanced bold but...

06/25/2014 | Organizing the America is Home Campaign

Poor Immigrants Get Free Legal Defense in New York City Program

NBC News - June 25, 2014, by Kat Aaron and Seth Freed Wessler - Leroy Samuels walked into the Varick Street immigration court in lower Manhattan, his wrists handcuffed and attached to a chain...

06/25/2014 | Creating Deportation Defense

Proposal Would Allow Immigrants in New York Illegally to Become Citizens

ABC 7 New York - June 16, 2014, by Dave Evans - It is a long shot, but a proposal by a New York State lawmaker would allow immigrants in the state illegally to become so-called "state citizens" if...

06/16/2014 | Organizing the America is Home Campaign

Bill Would Offer State "Citizenship" to Immigrants in New York

Fox News Latino - June 16, 2014, by EFE - A group led by New York state Sen. Gustavo Rivera launched Monday a campaign that proposes awarding state "citizenship" to the estimated 2.7 million...

06/16/2014 | Organizing the America is Home Campaign

In New York, a Bill to Grant Undocumented Immigrants State Citizenship

Bloomberg Businessweek - June 16, 2014, by Josh Eidelson - While Congress drags its feet on immigration reform, New York State lawmakers are mulling an immigration bill of their own: It would...

06/16/2014 | Organizing the America is Home Campaign

Bill to offer state citizenship for undocumented immigrants

NY Daily News - June 16, 2014, by Erin Durkin - Undocumented immigrants in New York could become “state citizens” with a slew of benefits from driver’s licenses under a new bill to be introduced...

06/16/2014 | Organizing the America is Home Campaign

N.Y. Lawmaker Aims to Give Voting Rights to Undocumented Immigrants

Reuters - June 16, 2014, by Curtis Skinner - A New York lawmaker wants to grant many of the rights of citizenship to millions of illegal immigrants and non-citizen residents, including the right...

06/16/2014 | Organizing the America is Home Campaign

A New Front On Immigration: NY Legislation Would Let Undocumented Vote, Drive

Buzzfeed - June 16, 2014 by Adrian Carrasquillo - New York Democrats announced Monday new legislation that would grant state citizenship rights to undocumented immigrants.


06/16/2014 | Organizing the America is Home Campaign

Immigrants, Advocates Rally For New York State Citizenship

CBS New York - June 16, 2014 - They are not U.S. citizens, but a plan is in the works to allow undocumented New Yorkers to become citizens of the state.

Chanting “New York is my home” and...

06/16/2014 | Organizing the America is Home Campaign

Presentan plan para obtener la ciudanía estatal en NY El proyecto concedería a los indocumentados neoyorquinos gran parte de los derechos que otorga la ciudadanía federal

El Diario - June 16, 2014 by Juan Matossian - Nueva York - Ante la inoperancia del Congreso para aprobar una reforma migratoria federal, legisladores neoyorquinos presentaron el lunes una...

06/16/2014 | Organizing the America is Home Campaign


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