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Report Documents $100 Million in Charter School Fraud in 14 States and D.C.

Education Week - May 7, 2014, by Katie Ash - An examination of charter schools in 15 charter markets across the United States has exposed nearly $100 million in losses due to fraud,...

05/7/2014 | Promoting Strong Public Schools

Charter Schools Fail: New Reports Call Their ‘Magic’ Into Question

Education Opportunity Network - May 7, 2014, by Jeff Bryant - When members of the U.S. House of Representatives consider, beginning today, a bill to incentivize the expansion of charter schools,...

05/7/2014 | Promoting Strong Public Schools

Ana María Archila and Héctor Figueroa on Immigration Reform

Cuatro panelistas explican los logros y obstáculos de las marchas pro-inmigrantes de primero de mayo que llevan ya casi una década. Visitan el programa Héctor Figueroa, presidente del sindicato...

05/6/2014 | Building an Immigrant Justice Initiative

New Report Cites $100 Million-plus in Waste, Fraud in Charter School Industry

A new report by two groups that oppose reforms that are privatizing public education finds fraud and waste totaling more than $100 million of taxpayer funds in 15 of the 42 states that operate...

05/6/2014 | Promoting Strong Public Schools

Report: Lack of oversight leads to fraud, abuse in charter school operations

Arkansas Times - May 6, 2014, by Max Brantley - Don't look for Bill Moyers to be getting any grants from the Walton Family Foundation. ...

05/6/2014 | Promoting Strong Public Schools

Charter Schools Gone Wild: Study Finds Widespread Fraud, Mismanagement and Waste

Bill Moyers - May 5, 2014, by Joshua Holland - Charter school operators want to have it both ways. When they’re answering critics of school privatization, they say charter schools are public —...

05/5/2014 | Promoting Strong Public Schools

Center for Popular Democracy FOILs SUNY-Albany’s Rockefeller Institute Over Debunked Scaffold Safety Law “Study"


Contact: Hugh Baran, 646-200-5331, ...

05/5/2014 | Improving Job Quality

Charter School Vulnerabilities to Waste, Fraud, and Abuse

Minnesota passed the first charter school law in 1991.[i] Since then, lawmakers in 41 states and the District of Columbia have written their own charter school laws....

05/5/2014 | Advocating for Community Schools, Holding Charter Schools Accountable, Organizing for Education Justice, Promoting Strong Public Schools

New Report on Charter Schools Exposes Fraud



Kyle Serrette: KSerrette@populardemocracy.org, 202-...

05/5/2014 | Promoting Strong Public Schools

The United Cities of America: What Seattle's Minimum-Wage Deal Means

The Atlantic - May 2, 2014, by Eric Liu - On Wednesday, a Senate filibuster blocked...

05/2/2014 | Connecting Elected Officials for ‘Local Progress’


this just in...


This Sunday, it will be two months since Hurricane Maria. Join us in D.C. for the Unity March for Puerto Rico to demand urgent government …

1 day ago

Tomorrow we’ll march to demand Congress take immediate steps to rebuild Puerto Rico. We have to create a sustainabl… https://t.co/uxGGtl4J7f

3 hours ago