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Center For Popular Democracy Responds To Decision To End DACA

“It is not just an affront to basic American values. It is an affront to basic human decency,” says national community organizing network


NEW YORK -- In response to the announcement today that President Trump has decided to phase out DACA, a lifesaving program for hundreds of thousands of young immigrants, the Center for Popular Democracy released the following statement from Co-Executive Director Ana Maria Archila:

“DACA has been a gateway to a better life for hundreds of thousands of young immigrants across the country. It has been a gift to the communities they live in, which have prospered as immigrants have come out of the shadows and pursued new opportunities, be it a better job or an advanced degree.

To revoke it is not just an affront to basic American values. It is an affront to basic human decency. 

The fact that in his announcement, Attorney General Sessions failed to provide any clarity on what would happen with the personal information of DACA recipients only underscores the cruelty of this decision. 

Make no mistake: ending DACA is nothing less than a declaration of war on immigrants. It is a war on communities of color. It is yet more proof that Trump unapologetically backs an agenda of white supremacy and will stop at nothing to implement it nationwide. White supremacy underpins every aspect of Trump’s agenda, from stealing our healthcare to destroying public education to ramping up mass incarceration. 

In the course of fighting for DACA, immigrant youth have built a powerful movement that has let millions come out of the shadows and declare that they are, in the face of adversity and struggle, definitively here to stay. 

The fight now turns to Congress, which must find a real legislative solution to our broken immigration system - not one that uses immigrant youth as bargaining chips for a senseless wall on the southern border. Today we call on Congress to pass legislation that once and for all affirms by law what we know to be true: DACA youth are home. This country is their home. 

Starting today, the 48 community organizations in 32 states that are part of the CPD network will join scores of others to ensure every Member of Congress faces the choice: will you stand with the young people who call America home, or will you stand with President Trump’s white supremacist agenda? 

Ultimately, President Trump and Attorney General Sessions will not succeed in transforming our country into one defined by exclusion and fear. Immigrants are not defined by a piece of paper. We are not defined by a single law. We are defined by our humanity and our dignity, and no President can take that away. Immigrants were here before DACA, and we will continue to fight for their future today and every day after.”

Today, CPD state partner CASA and United We Dream will anchor a mass mobilization at the White House, followed by a march through downtown DC. A slew of other CPD state partners, including Make The Road (New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut), One Pennsylvania, New York Communities for Change, Arkansas Community Organization, SPACEs, and Rights & Democracy, are mobilizing members to DC to join the march.

In addition, CPD state partners will hold a series of direct actions across the country on Tuesday and Wednesday, including:

  • Arizona: Living United for Change in Arizona will be leading a march to the Phoenix Immigration & Customs Enforcement Office. (Sept 5)
  • California: In the Bay Area, Working Partnerships USA will be holding a phone bank in support of the Dream Act. (Sept 5)
  • Colorado: United for a New Economy will be holding a rally at the University of Colorado Denver. (Sept 5)
  • Connecticut: Make The Road Connecticut will hold a rally outside Trump Parc Stanford. (Sept 5)
  • Delaware: The Delaware Alliance for Community Advancement will be holding a rally in Sussex County, which has the largest concentration of immigrants in the state. (Sept 6)
  • New Jersey: Make The Road New Jersey will be occupying the office of Congressmember Leonard Lance (R-NJ), who has failed to publicly commit to protecting Dreamers. They will also hold a rally in Newark. (Sept 6)
  • New Mexico: Organizers in the Land of Enchantment will support a statewide student walkout. (Sept 5)
  • Oregon: Pineros y Campesinos Unidos del Noroeste will hold a press conference and mass mobilization. (Sept 5)
  • Pennsylvania: Make The Road Pennsylvania, CASA, One Pennsylvania, and 215 People’s Alliance will be occupying the offices of Members of Congress throughout the state. (Sept 6)
  • Texas: The Texas Organizing Project will share stories from Dreamers at the federal courthouse in San Antonio, among multiple actions. (Sept 5)


Media Contact:
Asya Pikovsky, apikovsky@populardemocracy.org, 207-522-2442