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Center For Popular Democracy Responds To Cassidy-Graham Failure

"Today's victory proved that people power works," says national community organizing network


WASHINGTON, DC - In response to news that the U.S. Senate would not be voting on legislation to repeal the Affordable Care Act, the Center for Popular Democracy released the following statement from Jennifer Flynn Walker, Director of CPD's Healthcare Justice campaign:

"Today's victory proved that people power works. We showed that when communities under attack come together and fight back, there are no limits to what we can accomplish. 

Senate Republicans thought they could repeal healthcare behind closed doors and out of sight. They were wrong. Americans won't stand by quietly and let Congress steal our healthcare and destroy millions of our lives. We fought back and won this summer, we fought back and won this fall, and we will fight back and win next winter or spring. We will fight every repeal bill with the same ferocity as we fought Cassidy-Graham. 

The truth is that every effort to roll back the Affordable Care Act has only made our communities stronger and more united. It has only made us better equipped to fight other attacks. Make no mistake: every item on Trump's wish list, be it cutting taxes for the wealthy, privatizing our infrastructure, or handing out giveaways to banks and billionaires, will face the same wall of opposition. And we will apply the same ferocious energy to fight for a clean Dream Act and protections for all immigrants. 

Today, with our communities, we will celebrate a hard-earned victory. Tomorrow, the work continues."


Media Contact:

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