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Center for Popular Democracy Denounces Trump's Immigration Principles

"This is not a policy proposal. It’s a dog whistle," says national community organizing network


NEW YORK - In response to the White House's release of draconian principles for an immigration reform bill, the Center for Popular Democracy released the following statement from Co-Executive Director Ana Maria Archila:

“The White House released a white supremacist's wish list last night, putting forth a series of unreasonable demands that are a non-starter for any immigration deal in Congress. The list is clearly the handiwork of the resident racists in the Trump administration, Stephen Miller and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, both of whom have done everything in their power to terrorize immigrant communities since they entered office. This is not a policy proposal. It’s a dog whistle, and we will oppose it by all means necessary.

There is only one acceptable solution to help DACA recipients, and that’s a clean Dream Act. Dreamers have said again and again that they will not to be used as bargaining chips to support Trump's mass deportation machine or his white supremacist agenda. We will continue to support our communities across the country as they fight for a clean Dream Act that protects young people and their families.”


Media Contact:

Asya Pikovsky, apikovsky@populardemocracy.org207-522-2442