VICTORY for Millions of Working Families

On November 8th, 2016 2.3 million workers received a wage raise and two million gained access to earned sick days, thanks to successful ballot initiatives lead by CPD’s partners in Arizona, Colorado, and Washington State and close allies in Maine.  

Partner organization LUCHA, in Arizona, led the AZ Healthy Families initiative raising the minimum wage to $12 days and providing the right to paid sick days. Working families will no longer be forced to make the impossible choice between a paycheck or caring for a sick daughter or son.  

Partner organization FRESC/UNE, in Colorado, was a core leader of the CO Families for Fair Wages campaign - a dynamic coalition of community groups including COPA, Together Colorado and many local unions which secured a $12 minimum wage impacting half a million workers.  

And in Washington State, our partner Working Washington played a key role in the Raise Up Washington ballot initiative which raised the minimum wage to $13.50 for 730,000 workers and has provided access to earned sick days for a million workers in the state.  

The success of these ballot initiatives demonstrates the incredible power of low-income communities, working together in vibrant coalitions to affect change at a local and state level. 
Thank you for standing with us.

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