VICTORY! Illinois Wins on Voting Rights

Illinois is set to become the 14th state to have Election Day Registration (EDR), increasing voter participation by permitting residents to register and vote during the State's early voting period or on Election Day. Nearly 51 million eligible Americans are not able to vote because they are not registered. People of color and young people are disproporionately impacted by onerous registration laws. EDR is a proven means of bringing more people, particularly young people and newly naturalized citizens, into the democratic process. 

The Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR) and the Just Vote Coalition led a robust advocay campaign that educated and mobilized voters in support of EDR. CPD is grateful to add strategic campaign support as the coalition pushed the law over the finsih line to passage. CPD will continue work with out partners to drive a progressive and inclusive vowing rights agenda throughout the country.