VICTORY! 40,000 People Regain the Right to Vote

This February Marylanders won a hard-fought victory to restore theright to vote for formerly incarcerated citizens reintegrating into thecommunity.

The Maryland General Assembly successfully overrode Maryland GovernorLarry Hogan’s veto, to restore the voting rights of over 40,000 Marylandcitizens previously barred from voting because they were on probation orparole. The law went into effect on March 10, 2016 in time for ex-offendersto register and vote in Maryland’s local, state and federal primaries in April.

Partnering with Maryland Communities United, the Center for PopularDemocracy mobilized a diverse coalition of grassroots organizations, reentryorganizations, labor groups, good government groups, faith leaders, andothers to help pass the original legislation and then to override GovernorHogan’s veto in order to make the bill a law.

This is just the beginning of the long fight to expand our democracy. With nearly 5.8 million Americans locked out of the democratic process becauseof a prior criminal conviction, CPD will be working with state partnersacross the country to follow Maryland’s lead and restore the right to vote.Thank you for standing with us!