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04/27/2017 | Civic Engagement

Senate Majority Leader Goes ‘Nuclear’ on Supreme Court Nomination

In the weeks prior to Neil Gorsuch’s Supreme Court confirmation hearing, CPD worked closely with our affiliates across the country and particularly in key states such as Florida, Ohio and Minnesota, to pile pressure on Senators to oppose the confirmation of Gorsuch. CPD Action’s #BlockGorsuch digital campaign targeted 13 states and drove more than 30,000 people to contact their senators to oppose Trump’s nominee.

By Monday, April 3, all but four senators announced they would oppose his nomination. This secured enough opposition to prevent Gorsuch from receiving the 60 votes necessary to confirm him.

CPD affiliate Organize Florida played a key role in lobbying Senator Bill Nelson to vote no, for example. Their very first time lobbying, member leaders descended on Senator Bill Nelson’s office in Washington, DC to make their voices heard.

And yet, instead of responding to the concerns of the people and the forty four Senators who stood up against Gorsuch’s nomination, Senator McConnell and the rest of Senate Republicans ignored the will of the people, and decided to break the 200 year-old Senate rule on confirmations for the sole purpose of confirming an extreme right-wing judge who has a consistent track record of siding with corporations over the interests of working people. While this partisan power grab was a blow, the CPD Network will continue to support and move concerned citizens to make it clear to our elected officials, that Trump’s hateful agenda is unacceptable.