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CPD Welcomes New Affiliates to Our Growing Network

Did you know the Center for Popular Democracy is now one of the nation’s largest organizing networks with close to 50 partners and affiliates across 35 states? In the last 6 months, a number of fantastic organizations have joined our network to build a strong, resilient movement for progressive change rooted in communities of color and working families. From Pennsylvania to Puerto Rico, these incredible movers and shakers work on a variety of issues our communities continue to face from environmental justice to reproductive rights to mass incarceration and many more. These new affiliates include, The Center for Coalfield Justice in Southwestern PA, 215 People’s Alliance in Philadelphia, PA, Churches United for Fair Housing (CUFFH) in Brooklyn, NY, Hoosier Action in Indiana, Step Up Louisana, and Taller Salud from Puerto Rico.

With 20+ years in Southwestern PA, Center for Coalfield Justice (CCJ) is an environmental justice advocacy group fighting for the public health and our environment. Currently, they’re winning their campaign to protect streams in a state park from longwall coal mining, and continuously growing volunteer teams to aid their fight for economic and environmental justice in PA. CCJ was recently featured in The New Yorker!

215 People’s Alliance (215PA) is a multi-racial organizing effort fighting unaccountable big banks , unsubstantial public education, mass incarceration, and the gentrification and displacement plaguing their members in the southwestern area of the city. Their most current, Our City Our Schools, leads a coalition effort to bring back local control of Philadelphia schools. 215PA also focuses on issue and electoral organizing in the Philadelphia District Attorney race to win a mandate for far reaching reforms and stop over incarceration in Philadelphia.

Churches United for Fair Housing (CUFFH), a grassroots organization based in Brooklyn, NY that is fighting to preserve and create vibrant, inclusive communities that are truly affordable to working families in NYC using community organizing, youth engagement, and sophisticated social services. CUFFH provides Affordable Housing and Tenant Rights workshops, Financial Empowerment and Affordable Housing application assistance, and Tenant Organizing and referrals to legal services, as well as leading immigrant protection advocacy efforts and a Youth Organizing and Leadership program for youth 14-24.

Hoosier Action is a member-owned and led organization that brings Southern Indiana’s working families together to fight for healthcare, education, housing and other collective member interests. Currently, they’re running a mass canvass operations around Medicaid and Food Stamp defense, and building out teams around our political and issue work.

Step Up Louisiana is a multiracial and multigenerational membership group that organizes for economic and education justice through Neighborhood Organizing Committees while supporting members through Training and Leadership Development, and having clear political vision and electoral strategy. Step Up LA was key in coordinating with CPD’s network to force Uber CEO Travis Kalanick step down from Trump's advisory council.

Finally, Taller Salud functions in Puerto Rico with 37 years of experience as the only feminist organization on the island dedicated to the promotion of health as a powerful tool to transform the lives of the girls and women they work with, in order to bring about integral health, and the development of their communities. Taller Salud is based in Loíza, Puerto Rico, a 30,000 inhabitants town 20 miles East from San Juan with 48% of its population living under the poverty line.