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04/27/2017 | Civic Engagement

CPD Joins Moveon, WFP, and People’s Action on ‘Ready to Resists’ Calls

This month, CPD Network President and Co-Executive Director, Jennifer Epps-Addison, joined MoveOn, Working Families Party, and People’s Action to co-host two more “Ready to Resist” national phone call for activists around the country. An incredible 45,000 people joined the call in order to understand more about the challenges ahead and to how they can take action.

On April 9, Representative Maxine Waters and Representative Barbara Lee joined the call to fire up listeners about the urgency of the moment, to learn how best to engage with members of Congress, and to learn what a movement for peace and justice looks like in the Trump era. An audio recording of the call along with slides from the meeting are available at moveon.org/readytoresist.

You can RSVP for the next “Ready to Resist” mass movement call on April 30 and join tens of thousands of people united in our movement to resist the Trump agenda and protect our communities. On April 30, we will celebrate 100 Days of Resistance, and hear inspiring stories and lessons from organizers across the country as we prepare for the next phase of our resistance movement. RSVP today!