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01/29/2017 | Holding Wall Street Accountable

CPD Affiliates "Drain the Swamp"

Angered by Trump’s key appointments from Goldman Sachs, hundreds of community members launched a multi-day resistance to confront Wall Street’s influence on Capitol Hill. It started in New York as New York Communities for Change (NYCC) members took the fight to Goldman Sachs to protest a Government dominated by Wall Street and quickly took off from there. VOCAL NY and other allies joined in creating a swamp encampment around Goldman Sachs in NY. Over 100 community leaders endured chilly, wet conditions and about 50 braved the night through the pouring rain. The encampment of sleeping bags and tarps included people dressed as Goldman Swamp creatures taking our government.

ACCE in Los Angeles took to the streets in front of Goldman and marched to the mansion of Steve Mnuchin. One Pennsylvania took up the call of No #GovernmentSachs in Philadelphia, and FRESC also hit the pavement in Boulder, Colorado.

From the appointment of Steve Bannon (Chief Strategist) to Steve Mnuchin (Treasury Secretary) to Gary Cohn (National Economic Council Director) and most recently, Jay Clayton (SEC Chairman), we now have the most Wall Street driven administration in history. Under this Goldman regime, our policies will be dictated by the very same people that created the foreclosure crisis as they continue to destroy jobs, evict families, criminalize bodies, and profit from incarceration, and put land and water at risk.

CPD supported and helped nationalize these actions with communications, digital and national coordination support. The actions coincided with a series of actions opposing Trump's appointments in particular those focused on Mnuchin. CPD's digital team has lead a petition drive opposing Trump’s cabinet appointments that have promoted white nationalism, attacked climate science, and used their power as Wall Street insiders and corporate lobbyists to fleece working families.

The action drew not only attention from Goldman employees and pedestrians but also from the media. Check out coverage of the encampment in The Guardian, New York Daily News, Bloomberg, and Reuters. Stay up to date with #GovernmentSachs on Facebook.